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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

THe Biggest Loser Blows my Mind

Well, the Biggest Loser Finale just got over. This is hands down my favorite show ever, especially the finale. Tonight's was especially meaningful since I am so close to reaching my own goal weight. Now here's the part that blows my mind:
I have lost 176.5 pounds and 52.61% of my starting weight.
On tonight's show that would mean that of the contestants that got voted off and competed for the $100,000 prize, I had a higher percentage of weight loss and a higher amount of weight lost.
Erik, the winner of the grand prize lost 52.58% of his body weight, 0.03% less than I have lost. He lost more weight in raw pounds, but percentage wins the prize.
The moral of that story is that I missed my shot at a quarter mill. Like Ed McMahon says, you can't win if you don't play.
I wonder if I could somehow deduct that as a loss of income on my taxes............. anyone from the IRS have some advice for me to make that work??

I got in a quick 30 on the bike tonight, didn't get a chance to run because I went to salon to wash that gray right outta my hair and get it cut. Nothing like a fresh 'do to lift your spirits. Hopefully, it makes me faster!


Athena said...

LOL -- I think you should try the tax write-off and see what happens. Of course, I'm not an accountant.

But I bet you feel like a million bucks and then some.

Pat said...

I, too love the Biggest Loser. I didn't watch it last year. Since I wasn't dieting I didn't want to see anyone else dieting. But, this year was awesome.

My question is, if the one lady is 5 months pregnant, wasn't she on the ranch then?

Arizona, USA

J-Wim said...

The final four did their last leg at home for 6 months. She must have gotten right down to business once she returned home though!
I do feel like a million bucks, so I guess I dont mind missing out on the quarter!

Take care y'all!

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