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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I. Am the happiest mom. On the face of the Earth... part Deux

So change of plans tonight. Got my hair cut and colored at Jenny's place downtown. Awesome job as usual.
When I got home, I decided to join Lucas and Mike for weights at the Y. They headed down to the free weight room, full of beefy, thick necked muscle heads. I looked around and didn't see many powder puff weights laying around, so I decided to scrap that testosterone-fest and headed upstairs to do circuit training instead on the Nautilus machines. I did some arms, did a few legs (my hamstrings are a lot weaker than I gave them credit for BTW). Before long, the boys were back upstairs to collect me for a quick mile around the indoor track.
Lucas did the mile with us. That was SO COOL! I have listened all year to excuse after excuse why he can't run with us, how he can't do a mile, how he hates to run, blah blah blah. Tonight he decides to give it a shot. YYYAAAAAHHHHHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
He did a nice job. He stayed between Mike and I on the track and kept a pretty good pace. He got a little ahead of Mike once in a while trotting a little to quickly and had to walk a little, but he stayed ahead of me the whole time. He got to the last 3 laps of the 15 and sprinted them. It.was.awesome. I think my boy has a little sprinter in him.
My baby boy ran a mile. Well. And it didn't kill him. AND he said he would do that every time we go because it wasn't that bad........ We are going every Tuesday and Thursday.
my boy has the running bug - I love it!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Catching Up with J-Wim

Thursday: Since it was my birthday, I took the day off from exercising. Mike took us to Mac's Pizza Shack for the buffet, which is my alltime favorite pizza. Mike let me mow the lawn on the rider because I like it, even though I know it was secretly driving him crazy that I didn't do it "right" (translation: Mike's way).

Friday: It was back to the grindstone after work. Mike, Lucas, and his buddy Justin lifted weights at the Y. While they were busy puffing out their chests and squeezing each others biceps, I went to the pool and cranked out some laps for the first time in a while. I did 2000+ yards, then wound it up since i figured they were probably about done lifting. It felt great to get in the pool again and after getting warmed up I was going nice and steady without dying (always a plus!).

Saturday: Did not do much of anything - some errands, some grocery shopping, took a nap while Mike waxed his cars. Lazy, lazy, lazy day. Boring. I loaded up the iPod with some new tunes (thanks Michele! She gave me a Itunes card for my birthday). Some of the great running tunes I added:
Kanye West - Stronger (great for hills!)
Soulja Boy - Crank That (I can't sing along, but it makes me laugh- when it's on I picture the Pooh style video to the right --------------> )
Run DMC- It's Tricky (great beat!)
50 Cent - I Get Money
Timbaland- The Way I Are
Seether - Fake It
Maroon 5 - Wake Up call
Finger Eleven - Paralyzer
Plain White T's - Delilah
The Game- Lets Ride
Unk - Walk It Out
TI - You Know What it is
Rubberband Man

Sunday: I had had it with sitting around! Mike was out playing with his moneypit in the garage, so I decided to take off on a nice long run. I took off past the high school, over to the country club golf course, down through Riverside Park, up the Kiwanis trail next to the Rock River, over to Court Street, then zigzagged through my neighborhood for some hill work before I headed back past the high school and to home. My right hip, knee, and first tarsal head were really hurting me off and on through the run so I did have to walk here and there, but I did get in 10.36 miles by the time I got back home, in just about 2 hours. I played my new playlist over and over - it was AWESOME!!!!
It was a great day out, sunny and cool, so After grabbing a quick lunch I decided to take the dogs for a walk to Blockbuster to return our movies. It was about 4 miles altogether. It was good for the dogs and gave me a chance to burn off a few more calories and get some more activity in. let me tell you - the Gentle Leader Walk Harness is about the best invention EVER. I can walk my spastic unruly Springers with one finger once we get going. With anything else I pretty much feel like my rotator cuffs are completely ripped out from all the pulling, jumping, and yanking.

Today: Mike went for a run, but my legs were a little sore yet from yesterday's big run so I went to the Y pool instead. I got 2460 yds in. I was shooting for 3000, but a there was only 1 lane open and a couple got into the lane with me (there were swim lessons taking place in the rest of th pool) and they were all over the place, swimming a few strokes then stopping to pant and walk, then swimming a couple strokes. They were driving me crazy and I was kinda tired anyhow, so I hung up my goggles and hit the shower. The thing with the pool at the YMCA is that it is onyl a 20 yd pool. They dug up the regulation size pool and are r emodeling it into a waterpark (uh....hello?.....when did fitness become not a priority at the Y??). With the small size of the pool, you are forever doing turns, its hard to get a rythm going, and it is super warm so it feels a little like. say. someone peed. Give me Olympic distance anyday - swimming at Rockport outdoor pool all summer spoiled me!
Tomorrow is the SWAT swim practice at Marshall Middle School Pool. Mike is going to lift with Lucas then go to swim practice. I have an appointment to get my hair cut, so I proablaby will just go along for the ride to swim practice and do some stroke heckling from shore, and do a little coaching for Mike.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

38 Things about Me

OK Folks, look out. Old Broad in the house. Thursday is my 38th Birthday and I thought this might be a good day to share some random information about me so here are 38 tidbits, one for every year:

1) I am left-handed. That means that I have to adjust myself to virtually everything in life from the angle of the paper when someone hands me something to sign to the technique I have to use when starting an IV. I have to plan where I sit at the table so we don't rub elbows when we eat.

2) I LOVE dogs, but I am terrified of schnauzers. Once at work, a patient's son brought mom in her schnauzer for a visit and I was so freaked out I had to shut my office door because the dog kept looking at me. I blame Ollie, my childhood neighbor's snarly little dog.

3) I am fiercely loyal. Don't mess with my friends or my family. Yes, it IS possible for me to hate you forever if you cross them.

4) As a teenager, I was very shy. I had a really hard time talking to others or speaking in anything other than a very small group situation. I was in a class my freshman year in college (Business Law) where part of the grade was to stand up once in the lecture hall when called on and give your take on the case. I took an F for that portion because I never stood up when called on, despite being present and prepared all 4 times he called my name.

5) I planned to name both my boys Elizabeth Jane. That didn't really work out so well.

6) I also wanted to Lucas to be named Nathaniel Emerson. He is thankful that Mike stomped his foot down about that. I still like the name.

7) When I was a senior, I wanted to major in Finance and minor in French. The long term plan was to work in France at the Bank of Paris. That didn't pan out. I did get most of a Business BA and 16 French credits before I decided to get married and go to nursing school.

8) I have been in only 1 situation ever where I have put those French credits to use. That was while doing bodymarking at IMWI07.

9) I played the piano and the violin for years. I haven't played either in almost 20 years.

10) I love to shop, especially when I find a great deal. Old Navy, Sears, aeropostale, and Kohls are my favorite places to find a superdeal.

11) Being a supervisor is frustrating. It requires that I keep a little distance between myself and the people I work with. I hate it when I am out somewhere and run into someone from work - I introduce them to others as "my friend from work"...... they introduce me as "Jenny, my boss." I.AM.NOT.BOSSY!

12) I love pink. Even though I don't think it looks that good on me. If it is pink AND Happy Bunny, it's all golden.

13) I am addicted to gadgets and data. Garmin was basically made to satisfy almost my every need.

14) Even though I am half the size I once was, I still feel like a fat girl most of the time. I hate it when people comment about it. But I also love it.

15) I am super competitive- I must always win. Arguments, thumb wars, you name it I must win.

16) I am also a control freak.

17) When I grocery shop, things must go into the cart neatly and in the correct order. If you toss something in the cart, don't be surprised if I have to restack it on the correct place.
18) I also unload the cart onto the belt in the order I want it packed int he bags, which is also the way I think it is easiest to put them away when we get home. If the checker ignores my system, it irritates me.

19) I have not worn heels since the day I was married. I feel like I am going to twist my ankle and topple over at any moment.

20) I love big clunky shoes the most. Doc Martens especially.

21) I think my shoe fetish comes from my fat days. Shoe shopping is the only thing a fat girl can shop for with anyone.... no need to find the big girl section.

22) 3 years ago I counted the steps I took from my car into my office as exercise time. Now if I run less than 6 miles or bike less than 30, I feel lazy. That makes me laugh.
23) I am a total slob. But everything must be placed in a specific area of the dishwasher or I will repack it. I also insist that laundry be seperated and washed by very specific categories and I think only I can do it correctly.

24) I think I have a weird sense of humor. Lots of people don't get it and often find that I am just amusing myself and no one else.

25) I have always wanted red hair. When I have it colored red, it always looks orange.

26) I can not stand folding laundry. When I do it, all I can think of is how many hours in my lifetime I have spent folding laundry and how no one ever puts their laundry away, which I find insulting. I am usually pissed at everyone in the house by the time I am done folding.

27) I count my sisters as my best friends.

28) I also count my best friend since second grade. She hasn't talked to me in more than a year. I don't really understand why.

29) I don't miss going to watch and cheer for my kids ever. I want them to know that if they are doing something important to them, I am there to support them 110%.

30) I wish Nick did more things that I could support him doing.

31) I really enjoy making quilts. I try to make each one meaningful to that person and commemorate special days. The name of the quilt blocks I use must reflect something special about the person and event.

32) I want to teach nursing classes at the local community college.

33) I never will be able to because I would have to take more than a 50% pay cut.

34) When I shop, I either buy the same thing in multiple colors, or many different things in all the same color.

35) I never realize it until I have it all home and spread it out on the bed unpacking it.

36)I love grammar. I especially love sentence diagramming exercises.

37) Homemade molasses cookies are my kryptonite. I could eat them all day long.

38) I hate spending time on foofy stuff like hair and makeup. If it can't be accomplished in 10 minutes, it wasn't meant to be.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Beloit YMCA Fall Classic 10K Race Report

Saturday we did the Fall Classic at the Stateline YMCA in Beloit. It was a very small race, with only 43 people finishing the 10K. Michele came along for a ride in the clown car's back seat (teehee!) and she did the 5K with her friend Pam from work. Mike made a big deal of telling me he was going to run with me and let me cross the finish first. I was sure to tell him that to "let" me win was a hollow victory - No thanks, I would rather have my old wrinkled ass cross DFL.
It was pretty brisk in the morning so I was glad I wore long pants and a long tech shirt - it was just the right weight/warmth. We chatted a bit with Kitty from the SWAT Team. We were off before too long. The course was really well marked with big pink arrows painted on the course (I'm sure the neighbors were loving that - not sure it is legal...). We were pretty much shepherding in the back of the pack.
We ran together. Had to stop a couple times to answer the phone for work related business, but other than that, it was pretty uneventful. There was a cop that was circling around herding up the last runners, which was us. As we got to where we crossed back over the busy street back to the Y, we saw a cop waving traffic around the runners. We saw a few people ahead of us get crossed over by the cop in the road. Then they pulled away, leaving Mike and I to fend for ourselves crossing a busy street. In a race. WTH??? Thanks a bunch guys! Way to communicate with one another.....
After crossing the road successfully, We were about 1.5-2 miles from the finish. Mike was starting to drop back. Was he drafting? Was something wrong? Was he setting himself up to let me win? I asked what was wrong, he said "nothing." So I slowed down too. He slowed further when I slowed down. I was thinking he was trying to let me get ahead, so finally I took off ahead in a snit, grumbling the whole way. I don't like to lose, but I also don't want to win through pity or chivalry or whatever. As we got to the last .1 mi, I turned to go uphill towards the Y. A BIG. F'ING. HILL. to the finish. That was just masochistic. I chugged it up the hill. As I crested it, I ran straight into the kids race that was lined up and about to take off. I stopped and stood there, trying to figure out where I was supposed to go to cross the finish. They finally told the kiddos to open a path for me to go through. I saw Michele and I was griping about Mike letting me win. Mike crested the hill not long after and crossed, then doubled over like he was gonna puke. Total bonkage. We got him some food and drink, and he sat down and let it settle and was feeling ok not long after. We talked a few minutes with Kitty and took off for home in the clown car.
No official results posted as yet but Garmin says: 6.29 miles in 1:10. 42/43 overall. Mike was both 3rd in his age group and DFL. Interesting.....
Today we took another longer recovery run. I was feeling sluggish and was holding Mike back, so he took off on his own. I did a lot of lollygagging and slowed to a walk a few times. I decided to just listen to my hinges today. I haven't run much outside this week and was feeling a little sore (unusual for me) so I didn't want to totally punch it. Ended up with a 6.5 mile run - not bad.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Race Report: RACS Home Run 5K (Fitchburg, WI)

Well there are no pictures of the race yet, but here is my proof I was there - the T shirt. I don't fill it out nearly as well as Di, but here's my best shot at it.

It's a nice tech tee, long sleeved (SCORE!!)

My results:
bib number: 1641
overall place: 132 out of 140
division place: 28 out of 32
gender place: 67 out of 74
time: 36:31
pace: 11:46

So earlier in the week, my sister asked if we were still planning to do that race in Madison this weekend that she saw on our Google calendar. We had forgotten it was there, but now that you mention it, Hell ya we're in!
We picked up Michele bright and early and took off to McKee Farms Park in Fitchburg. Since we had neglected to pre-register, Mike and I rock-paper-scissored for which we were going to do (the 10 or the 5) since we couldn't make up our minds. The 5K won.
This was an odd race. They ran out of XL shirts for Mike due to the late entry, so they took his address to mail one to him (we shall see if THAT happens!). They start was supposed to be at 0830. While I was still in line for the potty at 0825, they announced that they were going to start the race at "like 845 or 850, or so..." Hmmmm- that was a new one ;-) It was chip-timed, but only at the finish, not the start. They had a ton of volunteers at all the corners, so that was cool and the course was really well-marked.
I ran with Michele, just because it is more fun to run with someone else than by yourself. She took off fast the first mile - I struggled to keep on her heel, but then we slowed down to a more comfortable pace for the rest. It was a nice course, pretty much flat except for a couple rollers in the middle, very pretty, nice new roads and paths, and some really cool houses to look at along the way. We walked a couple times, but not for long and then at the end I started us on a sprint to the finish and we ended up crossing with the same time. Just in front of the first 10K runner.

I have spent a lot of time on the spinner this past week as we have spent a few nights checking out clown cars at the Toyota dealer. Tuesday was our first SWAT meeting and Mike volunteered us to work on a club website, so that has sucked up some time this week, but it's kind of fun. So far we have a message board going and are working on building a web site and finding somewhere to host it. Anyone have a resource to something to set up for the group to send out group emails to each other (some kind of mass-emailer program/host/????)?

Monday, October 1, 2007

The Wonder Twins hit the Pool

J-Wim in her new pink wetsuit, feeling very superhero like. What should my superhero name be? No wait - forget I said that....... you never know WHAT Bigun's gonna come up with!

M-Dot in his new suit, looking equally HAWT, especially with the googly goggles and flip flops.

M-Dot practicing his floatation technique.

Wanna see Mike swim in his wetsuit? Come on I know you are dying to see it........... (drum roll please..............)

In other news, I found a new way to know when it is time to go home from work without even looking at a clock. I was doing some late day errands around the hospital, getting onto the elevator with one of the maintenance guys. he looked at me and I thought he asked me "Are you from my ass?" I looked at him a while, confused by such an odd question. Then he repeated himself.......... wait for it........... "Are you from IS?" No, fella, I am not from IS.

Yep. Time to go home for the day. The brain is tired of processing complex thought.

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