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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Race Report: RACS Home Run 5K (Fitchburg, WI)

Well there are no pictures of the race yet, but here is my proof I was there - the T shirt. I don't fill it out nearly as well as Di, but here's my best shot at it.

It's a nice tech tee, long sleeved (SCORE!!)

My results:
bib number: 1641
overall place: 132 out of 140
division place: 28 out of 32
gender place: 67 out of 74
time: 36:31
pace: 11:46

So earlier in the week, my sister asked if we were still planning to do that race in Madison this weekend that she saw on our Google calendar. We had forgotten it was there, but now that you mention it, Hell ya we're in!
We picked up Michele bright and early and took off to McKee Farms Park in Fitchburg. Since we had neglected to pre-register, Mike and I rock-paper-scissored for which we were going to do (the 10 or the 5) since we couldn't make up our minds. The 5K won.
This was an odd race. They ran out of XL shirts for Mike due to the late entry, so they took his address to mail one to him (we shall see if THAT happens!). They start was supposed to be at 0830. While I was still in line for the potty at 0825, they announced that they were going to start the race at "like 845 or 850, or so..." Hmmmm- that was a new one ;-) It was chip-timed, but only at the finish, not the start. They had a ton of volunteers at all the corners, so that was cool and the course was really well-marked.
I ran with Michele, just because it is more fun to run with someone else than by yourself. She took off fast the first mile - I struggled to keep on her heel, but then we slowed down to a more comfortable pace for the rest. It was a nice course, pretty much flat except for a couple rollers in the middle, very pretty, nice new roads and paths, and some really cool houses to look at along the way. We walked a couple times, but not for long and then at the end I started us on a sprint to the finish and we ended up crossing with the same time. Just in front of the first 10K runner.

I have spent a lot of time on the spinner this past week as we have spent a few nights checking out clown cars at the Toyota dealer. Tuesday was our first SWAT meeting and Mike volunteered us to work on a club website, so that has sucked up some time this week, but it's kind of fun. So far we have a message board going and are working on building a web site and finding somewhere to host it. Anyone have a resource to something to set up for the group to send out group emails to each other (some kind of mass-emailer program/host/????)?


Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

you were at a disadvantage on "filling out" the T - your T was 10 x's larger than my Taco T!! LOL

Nice job on the 5K. sounds like you made an easy day of it.

Those clown cars are so popular!!! I see them everywhere lately! are you getting a 4 door or hatchback...?

Dan Seifring said...

That shirt rocks. Long sleeve and Tech, I am way jealous of that. Mike better stay on top of them for his. Nice job on the race, how funny that both of our races had the same one chip mat.

Jeff said...

Smokin' hot shirt. Forget the times, it's all about the swag!

Looks like you're movin' up in the world too -- was the hearse even in sight?

Tri-Dummy said...

You need to start ordering your race shirts in youth small.

for mike's sake.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

What Tri-dummy said. I'm a youth large, myself. I like running races where there is a youth class, it means I get a shirt that fits.

Oh now, I think the Yaris is kinda cute!

blink140pnt6 said...

As it's been stated above. I'll bet you could fill it out, in a smaller size, shirt.

Let us be the judge. XS XXS XSSS XXXXSSSS wetxxsss

I have seen the swat thing on both yours and Mikes site.

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