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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I. Am the happiest mom. On the face of the Earth... part Deux

So change of plans tonight. Got my hair cut and colored at Jenny's place downtown. Awesome job as usual.
When I got home, I decided to join Lucas and Mike for weights at the Y. They headed down to the free weight room, full of beefy, thick necked muscle heads. I looked around and didn't see many powder puff weights laying around, so I decided to scrap that testosterone-fest and headed upstairs to do circuit training instead on the Nautilus machines. I did some arms, did a few legs (my hamstrings are a lot weaker than I gave them credit for BTW). Before long, the boys were back upstairs to collect me for a quick mile around the indoor track.
Lucas did the mile with us. That was SO COOL! I have listened all year to excuse after excuse why he can't run with us, how he can't do a mile, how he hates to run, blah blah blah. Tonight he decides to give it a shot. YYYAAAAAHHHHHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
He did a nice job. He stayed between Mike and I on the track and kept a pretty good pace. He got a little ahead of Mike once in a while trotting a little to quickly and had to walk a little, but he stayed ahead of me the whole time. He got to the last 3 laps of the 15 and sprinted them. It.was.awesome. I think my boy has a little sprinter in him.
My baby boy ran a mile. Well. And it didn't kill him. AND he said he would do that every time we go because it wasn't that bad........ We are going every Tuesday and Thursday.
my boy has the running bug - I love it!


Dan Seifring said...

Nothing wrong with a lineman running. It will only help him with the football.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog off-and-on lately and decided to come out of "lurksville."

I have two boys that play football. Our younger one (age 14) is the lineman type, and I've been able to talk him into running with me some in the past. He even did a 5K with me last year. Glad your son has the running bug! It's fun sharing that together :)

Pat said...

I see a 5k in his future. and maybe he's really a fullback ready to blossom.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

oh yay - I can imagine how good that must feel! Go baby boy!

Renae said...

That is so great that you've made going to the gym a truly family affair. I wish my family did that when I was in high school.

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