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Thursday, November 1, 2007

They Swim with the Fishes

Tonight we went to our first swim workout at Marshall Middle School pool. Mike and I got there about a half hour before the SWAT workout started and got in some easy warmup laps. Before long, my favorite brother in law Jeff joined us in the lane.

Once more of the group arrived, we got started with the true speed workouts Allison was nice enough to put together. We did 200x kick/pull/swim, 12 x 50 sprints on the 1:30s, 3 x 100 w/30 sec rest, then 100 x swim/pull/kick. We blew off the last 100 swim of the warm down and only did 50x the last pull/swim, otherwise we got it all done.

It felt good to get in and let her rip. I drove us home in Delilah and found I was having a little trouble moving my arms around. By the time we got home, the triceps were downright painful. I had to work really hard to get my arms out of my sweatshirt and honestly thought I might just end up sleeping in my swimsuit and sweatshirt because I couldn't move the arms to get them out. Finally, I managed it by leaning over so the arms hung forward.

I am in for a really sore night I think. I lathered them up in some freebie from a race called Sore No More, and know I have arms I can't lift above my waist that REEK of menthol and camphor - PHEW!

Tomorrow should be fun. Hope I don't need to do any CPR...........not sure I could make it happen.

It's a good sore though, the kind that comes from hard work and building muscles.


Anonymous said...

Wow...that was some workout! It does sound like a good kind of sore though :)

Dan Seifring said...

Great workout you guys are going to be so fast next season.

How hard was it to wash your hair from the soreness?

Renae said...

Sounds like a great workout. I love that sore feeling, because it lets me know that I actually did some work! (Though probably a little too much). Here we get a product called biofreeze in our race bags. It's the best!

Pat said...

I read your comment on geekgirls blog. vegetable drawer . . too funny.

blink140pnt6 said...

"Hope I don't need to do any CPR...........not sure I could make it happen."

You have more power than you think and it's building every day.

Tri-Dummy said...


That workout kicked your @$$!!!


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