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Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Fastest Thanksgiving Day Parade.... a/k/a The Berbee Derby

The past few days I have been feeling gunky, crappy, feverish, and generally like poo. I have snuck in a few rounds of yoga, but that's about all the strenuous activity I've felt like doing. So the past few days I have been wrestling with what to do about our Thanksgiving Day race. We had planned to do the 10K at the Berbee Derby, but after honestly assessing my current status, we opted for the 5K instead. On the positive side, I have a camparison to last year but I also really wanted to do 10's as much as possible from here on out.
Got up early and spent a half hour hacking and blowing the gunk out of my nose and lungs - (where does all that crap come from overnight???? I just don't get it!). It was a balmy 26 degrees outside, so we loaded up on the cold gear to get ready. It snowed a little yesterday, just a dusting really and overnight the slushies had frozen so there was a sheet of ice under the snow to boot.
My mom and dad pulled up to come along and spectate. My mom got out of the car and asked "are you sure you guys want to do this??" - funny. My sister pulled up a minute or so later, and off we went to Madison.
Here we are in the "staging area." I think we all have about 4 layers on and it was still nippy out.
This is our little group before the run started. R->L: my sisters friend Audrey, Mike, Michele, and me.
After a while we got started and it was a nice course, kind of hilly which I recalled from last year. I was moving along pretty good, but had to stop a couple times to walk a little, just the effects of the past week catching up with me.
I looked around at the finish line area for my mom and dad but really there were so many people I just couldn't see them. My dad was on picture duty along the finish. My mom got recruited to strip chips at the finish. Had I known, I would have found her to strip mine!
It was cool that they came to watch - it's always good to have a fan club. Next time we need to get them some bells! I realized standing at the end of the chute waiting for Michele and Audrey that my pants felt weird. I had on 2 pair of lycra pants - blue tights with some looser Adidas pants over the top. While I was running I thought I felt the pants slipping down so I kept yanking them up while I ran. While I was standing there, I looked down to notice I was blue tights from the knees down and I had yanked the overpants up to my knees, all bunched up at the crotch, thereby discovering why I was getting a few funny looks.
Final time by my Garmin: 35:36
Official Time: 35:42 (5K: 1376/1639 overall, age group-87/113 )
Not to shabby for Mrs. Cough-y.
Then we quickly drove home to finish the Turkey Day spread. Mike and I did all the prep Wed night so all we had to do was have the kids pop the buzzard in the oven while we were gone, then we had to stick the dishes in the oven or turn on the crock pots when we got home, quick shower up and voila - dinner was served! Went pretty slick to do all the prep ahead - I think I will do that again for sure.
Here is a pic of Mike and I, my mom and my nephew Jacob draining the drippings from the bird to make gravy. Mike poked a hole in the side of the aluminum roaster and made a stream into a sauce pan. Kinda messy but it worked.

It wouldn't be a Keeney meal without the obligatory picture of the food. The meal was really good and we were thankful to be able to share it with family.

This is my niece Izzy, who will be one in a couple weeks. She is so fun!

After dinner, we played some Scene It and other TV trivia games. Here are Lucas and Michele gloating over their win.. I think they cheated.


Dan Seifring said...

Other than "hacking and blowing the gunk out of my nose and lungs" sounds like a great day.

Pictures are awesome looks like a nice spread you and Mike prepared.

Wish you had our weather for your race yesterday, it was the perfect running weather.

S. Baboo said...

sounds like it was an excellent Thanksgiving, nice run, loaded table, what more could a person want.

GeekGirl the Iron said...

I started doing the "Evil Cooking Wednesday" thing years ago and I figured out that it sure makes Thanksgiving more pleasant, and cuts WAY down on the amount of dishes and mess that have to be cleaned up before and after dinner! Happy Thanksgiving!

Steve Stenzel said...

I hate feeling like poo.

Great photos! Happy Thanksgiving!!

blink140pnt6 said...

Way to go on your race Cough-y.

And nice Mc Gyver by Mike with the turkey pan.

cindy said...

Great job on the race after being sick. It's neat that your mom and dad were there :)

The pictures are nice, and it looks like such a fun family time together.

Yummy looking spread of food on the table, and that little neice is adorable!

tayjizzy said...

No one cheated! the blue team owned you!

Anonymous said...

Great job at Berbee Derby! It sure was a cold one!

I hope I get the chance to meet you and Mike some day!! You guys look fantastic!!

P.S. I sent my application into SWAT and I'm just waiting to hear back!

Robin Blackburn

Jeff said...

Can't wait to get in my first cold weather run. Um, NOT!

Looks like you guys had a great holiday. Nice, pics, too!

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

YAAY thanksgiving! BOOO junk and gunk and crappy colds.

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