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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Weekend Update

After a big swim night Thursday, I took a well needed night off Friday to rest my sore wings. Saturday Mike had to work in the morning, so I got up relatively early, read the paper, ate a good breakfast and waited for the frost on the grass to clear so I could take off on a nice long run before Mike got home. We had made plans to swim a few laps at the Y when he was done working. i took off from the house a little before 11, thinking I would get 6 or so miles in before going swimming. I headed out towards the country club and shortly after passing it I heard a clown car honking at me about 20 minutes into my run. Mike and Lucas pulled up in Black Lavender (Yarus), so I cut the run short and hopped in the back seat. He did a quick spin around towards home and we changed and went right to the Y pool. Got in 1040 yards and the shoulders were still sore, so Mikey wanted to call it a day. I am feeling pretty good about it. They were slower easy laps but I have taken to doing all my laps freestyle and no longer have to break the crawl up with breaststroke laps to be able to keep swimming, so that is forward progress.
Today, I went out an a nice long run by myself. It was pretty crisp out yet. The high for the day was 55, but this was long before we got the high for the day. I had some Sugoi running mittens I tried out today and they worked pretty well to keep the paws warm. Up until this point, my favorite long route (about 10 miles) stops in 2 city parks with drinking fountains, so I have had great places to stop and refill my water bottle. Today I discovered that this was the week they winterised the parks, which meant that among other things all the water fountains were shut down. Sooo......... I nursed my first bottle and for some reason (telepathy??) I had tucked a $5 bill in my waist pack, so I made a quick stop at a quickie mart for some Propel.
It wasn't a fast run today but I did get some miles in. Again, my right hip, knee, and first tarsal head were hurting me so I had to do a little walking or slower running when those twinges got too bad to run full speed. That's getting a little frustrating - not sure why it's happening, but seems like there is always something with me so I'll just ride it out and see.
Oh yeah - my microwave has been not working right the past few days. It has been causing a major crimp in our style as that appliance gets more play than any other in our house. Today Mike did some monkeying around with it (his electronics degree at work here) and rigged up a bypass within the panel so that it runs when you turn it on, but the plate spins when the door opens. It's kind of weird to grab your food off a spinning glass plate. We are probably irradiating our brains too somehow with this setup - I am convinced of it. I am the first person I know who has a hot-wired microwave....... too funny.
Went to the football awards program tonight for Lucas. He got an attendance medal and a certificate. He also got some good motivation or next year seeing the older boys who got all-conference honors and other recognitions. If he can keep that fire going, he has a lot of potential. It's nice to see the boys wind things up like that, but I sure do miss watching the games! Seems like they prepare forever and the season just flies by like nothing! I say we petition for year round football, anyone with me?


Jeff said...

Way to keep that microwave going, Mike! I'm sure it's only a few nasty things coming outta there. Just duck when you've got the door open.

Thanks for the reminder to check on my favorite park to see if they shut down the water fountain.

cindy said...

We also went to our younger son's football banquet last night. I was surprised they gave individual awards, but he got one for the best offensive lineman. I was all proud.

I'm with ya for the year round football! I love going to their games :) We still have some of our older son's games to go to though. He is a junior. They have one more district game, then off to the playoffs!! After that, I guess watching the Cowboys will have to do.

Good luck with your post-football blues....I'll be there soon :(

GeekGirl the Iron said...

Sing it, sister. I had a microwave back in the early 90s and the reset switch went out. So, I jerry-rigged it so that I could reach inside it and touch two wires together to get it to start (my general geekiness at work). Trouble is, microwaves have capacitors, so I'd usualy get shocked. I couldn't afford a better one.
Good times...good times.

bigmike600 said...

Now that was fun.......what else can I hot wire?

blink140pnt6 said...

Frisky Mike!

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

maybe that funny twinge you are feeling is from the jerry rigged microwave......

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