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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Back on the Road Again

Lately I will admit I have felt a little like a slacker. I look at my activity calendar for FitDay and see that there are several weeks where I only did 3 or 4 days of activity, far less than the 5-6 days/week I strive for. I still am striving for 1600-1800 calories a day, but finding the "extra treat" days are coming more frequently. My Google-15 weight average is creeping up a couple pounds too.
So, I made sure to get in a 6 day week for the second week in a row.
Today, I made up for yesterdays off day by hitting it hard. After work I did:
- 35 minutes of power yoga
-45 minutes on the spinner (alternating sprints, stand drills, SLPs)
-30 minutes of strength training at the Y using the Cybex machines
- 1+ hours of SWAT swim practice drill work

I need a focus for the upcoming months, especially the rest of November through Christmas/New Years since it is easy to get off track then with everything that goes on.
I ordered some more yoga and pilates videos from Amazon as well as a couple training books. Lucas is going to teach me some Ab work drills from football.
I will stay on the good eating wagon and get through the season. I will break through my plateau and lose that last 20 pounds. When I get there, I will reward myself with a Plastics consult to talk about trimming of all the hangy skin. (Someday I'll post a pic - it's gross...)

Football Abs reminded me: One day when I was feeling sore last week, Lucas was going to teach me some of the "stretches" they do for football. The first was "inchworm", which really was Cobra Pose. Then he showed me a relaxation stretch- I know it as Childs Pose. He showed me a stretch they call the teepee or something.......... also know in yoga circles as Downward Dog. Funny how they manned up those yoga poses with manly-man names and called them stretches. Struck me funny. It's still YOGA!


Dan Seifring said...

See with Google Reader I am able to be the first comment on your post.

Great attitude going into this eating season. Best of luck to all of us that struggle with our weight.

Jeff said...

Good job getting back on track.

Gotta have a good plan to get through then next 6 weeks so we don't ADD 20 pounds!

Anonymous said...

That's neat that your son is teaching you some of his football stretches. (and funny about them being yoga stretches)

When I start bragging about how hard triathlon is, my boys say it CAN'T be as hard as football! Then they think it's funny that I can't even do ONE real push-up. One of my goals is to be able to do push-ups...I can only do the "girl" ones.

regina said...

Love the manly yoga pose names. That's really funny.

What days do you workout at the Y?

Anonymous said...

They didnt all have different names it was just one big long stretch we do called inchworm mom.

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