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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Aquathon Series #2: 12 things

So I am very excited to only be posting 12 **TWELVE** things for you about this race.

1. We have nicknamed this race the Gun Show.  Seriously, everyone who shows up is ridiculously fast.  For something that is so short, I am always way far last.  Kinda bites at your enthusiasm for it sometimes.
2.  Because of this, I spend my time on the run announcing to the corner marshalls that I'm last.  Hopefully they appreciate knowing they can pack it up and go home.  Its the least I can do for making them wait for me.
3. This night the water was much warmer than the last one (Tough to get colder, the last one was 54 degrees...).  Wore a sleeveless wetsuit for this one.
4. There were a ton of people there this time.  And they were still all smoking fast.
5.  The swim went well. Felt fast and was able to pass up a couple pace bunnies by the end. 
6.  I took off with Alison at the beginning.  We could walk out quite a ways.  Before actually started swimming I was able to walk a few steps ahead of her and declare "I'm winning Alison, better hurry up!"  She wasn't amused. :)
7. Took off from transition knowing I was doing really well for time.  It isn't often I am out of the water before a bunch of people.  Alison encouraged me to swim on the inside of the stream of people, which worked well.  I swam out too wide somehow on the middle leg or I think I would have been faster yet.

From last year

8.  I only slowed to walk twice I think.  That was OK.  It's harder to walk on the out and back courses because all the fasties are running at you the other direction, which is motivation to keep moving.
9.  At the halfway point, I did some quick math and realized if I hustled back I could break an hour.  That was my carrot. It hurt.
10. I didn't do it.  Close though, just missed it and it was a PR time. Gives me a goal for next time :)  Although I am last at every race, I am currently in second place in my division.  I am hoping for a bobblehead trophy again this year, so hopefully not too many more chubby chicks join in the series. Sometimes it pays to be fat and stubborn.
11.  They announced that the last place man and woman in the series will win a pitcher of beer and a bucket of wings each month for a year at Quaker Steak and Lube.  Pretty sure if the past 2 years are any indication, I should nail it. At last, a goal!
12.  Best thing about Aquathon night is Chipotle afterwards.  Had a great supper with the Viemeisters, Zach, Steve, and Jamie. Yummo.

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