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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Back on Track again Baby!

Well, today I decided was the day where I get myself off the lazy track. Since the weather has turned cold with rain and snow I have had a hard time getting motivated to work out indoors. It's just so much nicer to ride around on my bike on country roads enjoying the scenery! I couldnt' wait to get out and run around in the sunshine or get the bike on the road. Watching TV from the elliptical or reading assessment textbooks on the stationary bike just isn't the same as being outdoors getting fresh air and sunshine. I have been slacking a bit becuase of this, not putting forth as much effort as I should be either. If I don't step it up I am going to be bumming at the Berbee Derby Thanksgiving Day.
I got up this morning early and did some time on the elliptical. So now I can check the front half off my "two-a-day" plan for today. After a quick shower, it was off to work and I walked the 2 miles to work. All summer I walked to and from work every day and I must admit I have slacked on this a little more lately too. So I am back on track with that again too, at least for today.
I have to go see the doctor tomorrow for what I think will be the appointment when he pulls me off the fast. I'm a little nervous about it - that will mean transitioning back to real food again. Being on the shake plan has been really a mindless experience - I had to drink 6 shakes a day, so basically I had to count to 6 and that was the extent of meal planning and calorie counting. Now the real work will begin, and it's work I have not always been really successful at in the past. I want to lose at least 14 more pounds before its all said and done and I move into maintenence. Can I do it? I sure hope so. I hope I can resist the call of Red Robin's A1 Peppercorn Burger, or the sausage pizza at Happy Joe's, or any number of my former favorites. I have to be strong andhave the courage to resist temptation. Wish me luck - send your good vibes my way!

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peter236uk said...

Hi you both look fantastic I live in uk I used to play alot of rugby the retired and the weight went on but have now lost around a stone and i completed the GT north run which is newcastle 13.1 miles,

Great to see the effort you guys have put it


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