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Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Tell Myself the Burn is a Good Thing

I won't hold y'all in suspense - I did not blow off my weekly long run for the first time since Christmas. Mike and I did 2 hours of running at YMCA indoor track at 15 laps per mile. My footpod read 8.6 miles, but it felt like 86, so we called it at 2 hours. We got to see 4 PeeWee basketball games from the track in addition to listening to lots of tunes on the ipod.
I have been using the footpod I ordered for my Forerunner. It has 3 places to attach it to your shoe and up until this point, I only had it fastened at 2 points which i thought was fine and made it easier to switch between shoes. I have been feeling pretty fast lately, but after Mondays run it was giving me 9:30 pace miles and I knew I was not going that fast. So I made a few adjustments, attached the pod with zip ties nice and snug, and Voila! I am once again back to 12 something miles. Bummer. had I left well enough alone it probably would have told me I ripped out 9 minute miles and covered many more miles that I did on that Saturday run.
Today my body is punishing me for blowing off 8 long runs. My quads are killing me. It of course did not help that I had to cover yet another NOC shift (it really blows to be the boss lady these days) last night so my post-run recovery nurtition was off and I have had only a little bit of sleep so the muscles have not had much of a chance to recover properly. And they are letting me know it. All. Day. Long.
Repeat after me: Pain is weakness leaving the body.
Yeah, I'm not sure I buy it either, but whatever gets you through the day.


Anonymous said...

I saw that quote about pain being weakness leaving the body on the back of a kid's wrestling t-shirt once and thought it was neat. You're right...whatever gets you through!

Great job on the run...that's pretty amazing that you saw 4 peewee BB games.

Hope the soreness gets better soon!

Jeff said...

Never heard that quote before, but I like it.

Way to get back out there for a long run.

(Not sure which is better -- 2 hrs on the mini track or 2 hrs on the treadmill. Whaddya think?)

tayjizzy said...

someone once said to me "forward motion is forward motion" quityerbellyachin!

Robin said...

Great job on the long run! I need to get off my bootay and do one of those! And thanks for the warning about fastening the footpod...I've got mine and can't wait to try it out!

blink140pnt6 said...

ugg! Those tracks are tough but with all that snow probably no choice huh.

great cartoon!

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