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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

You Can Thank Me Later

Well peeps, I have done it. Winter should be over Thursday by about noon. I am talking about no more snow, the big thaw, birds chirping, flowers springing forth from the ground, grass growing, the buzz of lawnmowers...... basically the whole nine yards of the arrival of spring.

You are probably wondering what exactly will bring about this big turn of events. The answer to that is simple. We decided to spend some of our tax refund. What did we buy? I bought SNOWSHOES and SNOWBOOTS, not just for me but for Mike too. The UPS tracking numbers have them arriving on 2/28, so my best guess is that Spring will arrive right about the same time. Once we decided to make lemons from lemonade and found something fun to do in the all this snow, it should all melt and we will never see it again.

See, this year we all did our part to bring about a snowfall that broke the record yesterday for most snowfall in a season with more than 70 inches so far. For our part, we traded in not just one but TWO 4WD SUVs for two tiny Toyota clown cars. Much easier on the wallet at the pump, but definitely put the wintry fix on us.

By my best estimate, once our little packages arrive we should have seen our last snowflake for at least the season, if not for several years. We once bought a roof rake (for raking snow off your roof and preventing ice dams for all you Southern folks wondering what I'm talking about.....). I didn't even take it out of the box and it hardly snowed for the next 5 or 6 years.

You can all thank me later. I knew you'd appreciate it!


kt said...

No, I think that I will thank you now. I love the snow. I love using my xc skis but when spring gets here I will be ready and waiting.

Anonymous said...

You're too funny! Those are cool snowboots and shoes.

We moved to NM from Texas 17 years ago, so being from TX we had no snow "stuff." The first time it snowed we used a plastic spatula to scrape snow off our windshield and a ho for a show shovel! We got some funny looks from the neighbors!

Hope you enjoy the new shoes...unless you'd rather have the warm weather, of course :)

Anonymous said...

You bought Mike women's boots? Is this a snowmachine payback?

Kim said...

I am personally on my knees bowing to you! I am so sick of this snow and cold.... I mean I love a good snow, but one or two a week is enough already! I have ice mounds in my driveway that I fear may not melt until June.

Brigitte said...

thanks for the laugh.
Those are exactly the snowshoes we are going to buy for next year. I have never gone snowshoeing but it looks very cool.

Jeff said...

Probably pretty hard to get much of a run in those things, huh.

Steve Stenzel said...

Really? Because it's after noon on Thursday, and it's frickin snowing here.

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