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Friday, June 13, 2008

Yes I am still alive, thank you for asking.

I guess it's been a few days since I posted - sheesh! Time sure flies!

Things I have done in the past few weeks:
* graduated my oldest son Nick, complete with screaming, yelling, cowbells, and confetti. Now comes the preparation for the party next weekend. I really need to practice my cartwheels for that....
* Did some swimming at Rockport pool in my wetsuit to get used to it before taking her out in open water. I figure the initial wetsuit application and the initial OWS should be 2 distinctly separate panic attacks. We sure looked funny donning those suits on the pool deck. There were 2 ladies in skirted swimsuits sitting in lawn chairs that I think nearly wet themselves watching me try to shimmy my fat ass into that rubber nightmare. What a hoot! Now THAT we should have videotaped....
* Had a great bike ride on the Beckman Mill Velo Club route (45 miles) that was a great ride with Alison and Mike.
* Went to our first Tri Club Tri-Out on Tuesday and got some swimming in the wetsuit again, and then took a group ride resulting in 3 total flats. And many mosquito bites while standing roadside helping the flatters. Ouch,
* Did some additional swimming during the storms at the Edison indoor pool. Tried out my Zoomers which by the way are the best flippers ever. Big congrats to Mike on his first swim night ever over a mile.
* While swimming at Edison, took video footage of our swim strokes. When reviewing the footage, I coincidentally discovered how much of my white butt my new swimsuit exposes. I won't be posting that video clip, thank you very much.

What's coming up: Saturday: 100K Rotary Club Pie Ride. This ride features 63 miles of rest stops with cookies and Gatorade (martinis at the last one) and you take home a pie. So yeah, it's win-win.
Sunday: Fathers Day cookout, likely to be indoors.
next weekend: Nick's graduation party, preceded by the mountain of cleaning that must be done to prepare. my maid is so fired.
Lots of watching the weather and flooding to try to figure out when and where I can get a workout in between raindrops and flash floods. In case you haven't heard, we are all a little bit soggy up this way. it has been a challenge to say the least!

37 Days til Spirit of Racine - our first Half Iron Distance event!


kt said...

OMG! Is it only 37 (well, now 36) days away? That just made me panic-y for a second or two. Yikes!

tayjizzy said...

You forgot to mention running into your speedy sister while running. You almost didn't see me cuz I was runnin so fast!

Bigun said...

keep cranking away, you gonna rock Racine!

Jeff said...

C'mon, lets see the video. We're all friends here, no? I'm sure everyone would keep their chuckles to themselves. C'mon!

GeekGirl said...

Woohoo! I've been following your training and I think you're going to be SO ReADY!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Nick!!

Nice bike ride :)

We have company coming to town next weekend, so I will also have a mountain of cleaning to do this week...I'll be thinking of ya ;)

37 days?! Time flies. You've been working hard and will do awesome, girl.

Steve Stenzel said...

What?!? No video proof of CLAIMED white ass?

The Clyde said...

Hi, found your website through Bigun, just want to say that you and your husbands weight loss is AMAZING...Holy Cow and congratulations to you on that.

I'll be at Racine as well, I'll keep an eye out for you, it's coming up soon!

Dan Seifring said...

Hope all is well with you, its been a while since you posted.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

Hey Missy! My fellow outlaw Flaming Mo is coming out for SORT - show her some love!!

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