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Monday, August 25, 2008

Technical Difficulty - please help

OK here is the deal.
I love to upload my Garmin stuff to
I figured out how to do the zip file thing, which was no small feat for me.
Now it won't accept my uploads because the zipped file size is too big.
I emailed tech support a copy of my file per their request to find the problem and send a solution. Here is the answer I got:

Hi Jenny,
The uncompressed file is too large for our servers to handle. Please split your activities into two
files and zip those and upload. Let me know how it goes.

I emailed back asking exactly how I would do that and threw myself on their mercy to help the technically inept. Here was the response:

The way I would do this is using the Training Center software, select a date range to export that is half what
you initially created and then do the other half into a new file name. Zip both of these files you have exported
separately and try uploading them.

Yeah. I still have not a clue, can't figure it out. Anyone have any thoughts or care to laugh at my attempts?


Dan Seifring said...

I will take a look at it, but I have stopped using it because it was getting too much for me also.

Jeff said...

I can't help either. I keep wiping out my Garmin files because somehow the personal data changes and it just overwrites my entire old file. That sucks!

Good luck with your problem.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl...Jeff is our computer geek squad around here. He took a quick look at bimactive (btw, now he liking it...he's way into charts and stuff!) His initial thought was to upload/export one week at a time. That might be time consuming though. He said you could highlight one of the weeks in the left column of your Garmin Training Center (under history) and right click it, then click "export" for that week's date. Good luck.

J-Wim said...

No idea why, but I had Nick look over my shoulder to offer advice and despite the fact that all he did was watch me, the file magically compressed from 4.99 MB to 307 KB and everything loaded from 7/2/08 to present. I have no explanation, other than it just needed for Nick to give me a little of that IT support guy attitude....

TAK said...

That's what usually happens when I get asked questions at work 'it should be working and I can't figure out why, will you help?'. So I say show me what you're doing, and things normally end up working as long as there's someone watching :) I think computers are catching on and realizing they can make us look like tards with a click of a button :)

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