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Sunday, April 1, 2007

A Run, lots of Rain, and a Bosnian Dinner

Well, the weekend brought us lots and lots of rain, wind, and cold. WE really only got a break in the weather long enough to unload our new hot tub yesterday and long enough for me to get in a 5.2 mile run this morning. The rest of the last several days have been nothing but rain, rain, rain, and more rain.
We filled our time with our favorite past time, shopping. We went to the big sale at the bike shop not once but twice, as well as Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Best Buy, and anywhere else we thought we might like to look at stuff.
Tonight we went to the Eagle Inn for an authentic Bosnian dinner, a fundraiser for the Southern Wisconsin United Nations Association, which was seeking to raise money for the Adopt-A-landmine project in Bosnia Herzegovina. It is apparently part of a worldwide project called Night of a thousand dinners (N1KD). One of the CNAs I supervise is a Bosnian immigrant and she asked me to please come to the fundraiser - I just couldn't tell her no, so we went. The food was SO good. It was all authentic and homemade by Marija and her group. There was a soup with navy beans and lamb (pebranaz), then the main dish was handmade sausage with hot pepper sauce (cevopi with ajvar), and a Pita dish that was made with spinach, feta cheese, and egg made from phyllo dough (Pita di spinaku). Dessert was a baked apple with walnuts (tufahi) and a small piece of chocolate cake (cupavac). Everything was absolutely delicious and it went for a good cause, so it was win-win.

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