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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Big Bike, Big Run, Big Rain

Well, I haven't written in few days so let's catch up.
Sunday, Mike and I took a really big bike ride through the country, first with my sister and her husband Jeff on her "maiden bike voyage." After a 16 mile loop, we dropped her off at home to relieve grampa of baby duty and Mike, Jeff, and I took a little harder ride out to Afton and around back to town. It was the first time I had biked with Jeff and we had a lot of fun. It's nice to bike with folks at about my same level. I like the Velo club rides too, but this was more fun. We headed out to Afton and started west on Plymouth Church. The wind was wicked bad and at one point I heard Mike holler from behind me "you are biking at a 45 degree angle!" so I was hoping that the wind would not die down quickly since I would likely land on my nose! We had a pretty strong tailwind back into town, so that was nice.
Monday Mike and I set out along the bike trail for our first 10 mile run. We left from the Lions Beach trailhead and headed out on the trail that ends on the far north side of town behind the Home Depot. I did my PB for distance, although t was kind of slow since I was just not feeling it the first couple miles. It was almost 80 out for the first time this year and I was hot, drank too much from the water bottle too soon and made myself feel kind of nauseous so I ended up walking a bit the first mile or two. I eventually found my groove and Mike caught me on the way back and brought us in together. I like to run with him, but it always seems like I am holding him back from where he could be, so I try to wave him ahead after a while. I am a strong enough runner now that I WILL keep going even after he takes off ahead. Again after the long run I suffered a while, I think due to hydration/nutrition issues during the run. I have got to figure out what works for me for the long runs. This time I tried some dilute Cytomax and 1 shot block every 30 minutes. The Cyto was DISGUSTING and I think contributed to my gutache. The shot blocks were ok but weird. Either way, they didn't work the way i had intended to keep from feeling icky afterwards. I will have to keep working at it and hopefully get it figured out before it gets hot out.
Yesterday, we took the night off, since Mike had a doctors appointment in the evening. It was supposed to rain, so I didn't do the VElo Club ride, but it ended up the weather held and I could have gone.
Today is rainy and cold, very windy. I had part of my Peds Rehab clinical rotation tonight after work so I didn't get home until almost 6. I am taking tonight off as well since I got home so late. I have lots of homework to get done before Friday so I will work on that tonight so I can play outside tomorrow after work instead of burying my head in a book and writing papers.

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