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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cold Ride on the Bike Trail

Mike and I took a bike ride today from one end of the Janesville bike path to the other, a total of 18.93 miles including our ride to and from home to the trail.
It was colder than expected out and we were very happy that we rode into the wind on the way out, only to realize on the way back that it was actually on the way back that we were riding into a headwind. Sometimes its hard to tell where the wind comes from on the bike because you create wind as you go faster (****big heavy sigh***).
It was fun and I am glad Mike came with me even though I think I guilted him into it. :-)
I am trying to work on improving my cadence and spin faster in a smaller gear. Several people from Velo Club ride the other night tried to suggest it to me and although I don't think it feels natural, I am trying to use their suggestions to make myself a better biker. I would really rather grind it out in a bigger gear and spin slower, but I have been told that it is more energy efficient to spin correctly. I guess I should adopt the suggestions of the old timers in the club vs being stubborn and doing it my own way, so I am trying. Plus, it makes me a little crazy to have people talking about me, so I will try to blend in - LOL.

Congrats Pat on your PR at the HM! We are proud of you!


bigmike600 said...

No guilt here. I wanted to go. I enjoy riding with you more than you realize.

Pat said...

thanks for noticing.


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