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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Review: Menopause the Musical

So here is the official review - Menopause the Musical totally blows, big chunks. But, Our mom would have totally dug it.
It is basically the story of 4 peri-menopausal women from very different backgrounds that meet over a department store underwear display and sing song parodies lamenting and celebrating "The Change."
First, Michele and I are a few years away from really having any firsthand knowledge of The Change. We were by far and away 2 of the youngest women in the theater (there were maybe 20 of us under 50 on the whole place). So, while most of the theater was laughing their butts off at the songs, Michele and I were just sitting and watching in amazement that these women were roaring with laughter at stuff we did not think was really that funny. Now, if they had done Childbirth, the musical or even Puberty, the Musical maybe we would be singing a different tune. We are o course young enough to remember those rites of passage well.
The music was OK, but again it was a little before our time. Some of the scenes were kind of funny, talking about weight gain etc. The scene near the end about not needing to have a man around to make yourself happy has pretty much ruined the song "Good Vibrations" for me forever- Eww.
I think I am not the fan of live theater I once was. Everything I go to seems hokey and over-acted, like a bad Lifetime movie.
Bottom line: 2/10. If you have never had a hot flash, I think you should skip this one!

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Pat said...

LOL. I think you do a better job at reviews than Mike and I. Well, at least me.

Arizona, USA

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