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Friday, March 23, 2007

A windy March ride

Yesterday, I took a long ride on my road bike in the country west and south of town. It was a typical March day, very windy, but warm enough. I took off into a headwind and somehow managed to come back into town with a tailwind, the way it should be, by some miracle.
It was nice to get out on the bike by myself again. I came home in a foul mood for no particular reason and it was good to hammer out some miles and clear my head. I rode about 24 miles along county roads, taking Mineral point out from my house, then cutting over the long way to Hayner Road. I went west at the crossroad at the end of Hayner and then south on Murray road. I had intended to turn south somewhere else apparently, because Murray road took me to a dead end instead of the other side of Afton that I had been shooting for but that was OK. I took Cemetary Road back in and cut across into Happy Hollow and back, which gave me the same amount of miles pretty much before I headed back to town on River Road.
It is definintely getting to be spring. Everything is starting to green up and all the farms are wet and stinky (you really notice this on your bike - LOL - phew!). I just love riding by the cows and horses, some of them give you a half hearted chase along the fence lines. I was looking to go down the road that has buffaloes (Kessler road maybe?) but somehow I missed the mark there. I could do without the farm dogs chasing me and nipping at my ankles but a girl can't have everything!
Tonight I volunteered to do the Relay for Life from 6-11 at the High School, so activity tonight will be 5 hours of walking in circles inside Parkers Gym. I think it will drive me a little nuts because - a) the gym is likely to be filled with teenage girls and b) it is going to be 60 and warm today and I will be inside (HMPH!).

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the weather is getting bikeable. Good for you that you are participating in Relay for Life. May I make a $25 contribution to your pledge. Just use one of the checks I left with you. Hasta luego-mamacita

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