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Monday, March 12, 2007

Nice Day, Big Run

After work today, Mike and I took a big run (for me) from our house to the hospital to Oakhill Cemetary, behind the high school to home. It was just under 6 miles at about a 12 minute mile pace. View it here. It was comfortable and I could have done more. I will next time. It was still kind of sloppy out there - the sidewalks were really wet and muddy and still had slushy snow and ice on them along the walkways where no one bothered to shovel last week when it snowed (GRRRR!). My shoes got really wet but thats OK, it was still a great run. Mike stayed with me even though I think he was itching to take off at a faster pace. It really is OK if he does that, but he stayed with me anyhow.
We need a bigger route for our next big run. I want to try to do 10 miles one of these days. Maybe Sunday........... we'll see.

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