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Monday, March 12, 2007

Its another beautiful day

What a lovely weekend we had. The snow is nearly gone and the temps got up to 48 on Sunday, 50's today and 60s tomorrow. I have the biggest case of spring fever EVER!
Saturday we went to the BikeORama in Madison, to check things out. What a joke. If you were in the market for a bike, it was a good deal. If you went for the accessories, forget it. There was little selection and most of the stuff they had looked like it had been marked up so it looked like you were getting a "sale" price. We picked a couple small items and headed out to better shopping. Before going home, we stopped in at West Towne Mall so Mike could look for a small backpack for biking. You would think that it would not be a big deal to find one, but it seems that every small bag we saw doubled as a hydration pack and cost $80 or more. Since we were in Madison, we stopped for a slice at Rocky Rococo's pizza (is this a Wisconsin thing?? Do other places have these?). It is only my favorite pizza in the whole wide world, so I splurged and ate one slice, even though it was about an 600 calorie slice when I looked up the nutrition facts.
Once we got home we took advantage of the beautiful day and got in a run. I was doing quite well for about the first 2.5 miles of my 6 mile plan. Then my stomach felt a little iffy. I slowed down and walked a little ways and started feeling much worse. I turned the corner to start heading for home and realized that my belly was fixing to reject the pizza. I walked a little farther down the road and as I began to pass St Williams church, I refunded my lunch into the stream of melted snow running through the gutter. Eating Rocky's is not nearly as good in reverse, take my word for it! I walked a little farther and realized how brisk it was out - around 45 - for what I was wearing. It was fine while I was running, but it was far too light for the slow pace I was holding as I walked home. After a little while I began to weigh he pros and cons and came up with 2 choices - 1) keep walking, don't puke, and freeze, or 2) start running, get warm, and maybe puke again. I went with option 2 - it was much warmer! Too bad I couldn't have done the full route - I was really cooking at a pretty good pace!
Sunday, Mike and I took the new treks out for a spin on the road in the morning. We rode to my sister's to check out his new Madone (which was SWEET!) and see my baby. We rode around a little, then rode home. Later, I did my first training run with my sister, who is thinking about the Shamrock Shuffle this weekend. We fartleked a 5K, which was pretty good for our first time out. (I know I should be more grown up, but I sure like working that word into conversation!!) When I was done, Mike and I drove to do some more errands, then took another spin on the bikes since it was so nice out, a crime to spend it indoors.
I did a quick almost 3 miles on the elliptical before work this morning. Mike and I plan to run to my sisters and back after work tonight (about 7 miles round trip). Tomorrow Janet and I are going to do the Velo Club road bike ride after work since it will be 60 out.
I am trying to work up to some distance since the Crazylegs in coming up soon and I will need to be ready to do more than a 5K. That should be a nice transition into the 10Ks we are planning later this spring.

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Pat said...

I guess I'll pass on Rocky's. Although I can eat and run.

Arizona, USA

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