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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Every day should be Saturday

Another weekend is almost over and it seems like it just started. I could use a 4 day weekend every week, or better yet, work 2 days and have 5 off - if only I would win the lottery and live my dream!
We have done a few things since my last post. After our mountain biking experience last Monday, I took Tuesday and Wednesday off to lick my wounds and heal my scrapes and bruises. Thursday, Mike and I took a long run from home to Riverside Park and back, an 8.25 mile loop. Friday was errand day after work, but we got home from work early enough to squeeze in a quick 4 miler and bicker a little bit about whether Mike needs to act like he is my personal pace car.
On Saturday, we rode our road bikes for the Rock 50/50 benefiting the Rock Trail Coalition. We chose to do the 38 mile tour and it was a nice ride. I think we probably should have opted for the 60 mile ride, but at the time it was early in the morning, a little cold out, and honestly I didn't know I had a 60 in me until we were well on our way. Interestingly enough, we registered for the ride so we could do a different route than we usually ride and the route they planned went out on Hayner road to Murray Road and into Afton, which is where we ride all the time. It did veer off in an unexpected direction onto Bass Creek Rd and took us into Big Hills Park and then onto Creedy Road, back into Afton, and back to the bike trail. Despite a chilly start, the temperature of the ride was very nice and the route was challenging but not too much so. Next year, I want to do the long ride and check that out.

Today we chose to forgo working out for something much more fun - watching my nephew Jake and baby niece Isabel. Jake brought his Wii which was a blast to play and he swam in the hot tub for a while. It is always fun to hang out with the younguns and play. And my sister brought cookies when she picked them up, so that was definitely worth it!

Monday, we will be doing the Velo Club beginners mt bike ride again. I hope to stay upright and not take out too many trees, we'll see how that goes. We also want to preride the bike course for the Evansville Duathlon at least once this week or upcoming weekend with Jeff. Hopefully the weather will cooperate with us, but Memorial Day weekend is notoriously rainy so we shall see. it is set to rain a couple days this week too, so I guess those would be good days to get to the Y and work on my swim, or maybe take a PiYo class.

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Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a couple of weeks (and your other half's). Remind him you're the medal winner. Looking good to me. No offence to your husband. I'm in the u.k and run/cycle. Nice to read about others doing the same.

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