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Friday, May 4, 2007

Yes I am still here, people

Mike has instructed me that I need to post more. He is right, but since the addition of the hot tub, something had to give and that water just feels so good.......... :-) There are only so many hours in the day you know!
So here is what's been happening lately. I biked a couple times in the wind, and I have been running a lot lately. 5-6 mile runs have become my standard instead of my long run. I've done that several times this last couple weeks. My parents have returned from Costa Rica. I bought matching pink camo capri pants for my niece Izzy and I, plus some other stuff.
Friday I sent in our application join the SWAT Team (Southern Wisconsin Area Triathletes - "We Tri for Fun"). Mike went to see a Sports Med Doc this week who is in the club and hooked us up. Apparently they do group training and I hope they can help us with our form, especially in the swimming. I so want Mike to learn to love swimming like I do and get good at it. With his past knee surgery I worry that he needs to be kinder to his knees long term and swimming would be a good cardio workout that is non-weightbearing for cross training. Anyhow, we filled out the applications and are excited to begin some group activities, like we get from the Velo Club already.
Tomorrow we set sail for Appleton to do our first duathlon of the year, the Paper Discovery Dualthlon. It is 5K run - 22 mile bike - 5K run. I think it will be an absolute blast. Lucas ("DUB") is coming with us and bringing a friend and they are in charge of taking pictures of us so we should have lots of pictures of hot girls in tight spandex and other random people and funny signs. If all goes well we should get one or two shots of us in there somewhere that don't have to buy from the event photographer.
I have found a new favorite treat. Sugar free Mentos - I love them. One caveat for those of you that are suggestible enough to consider running out right now to get a box - there is a phrase written in teensy, tiny letters on the packaging that states "excessive consumption may have a laxative effect." Just in case you are wondering, an entire package of roughly 20 Mentos pieces apparently qualifies as excessive consumption........... So should you choose to buy them next time you are in the supermarket checkout line, remember that less is more and stick to just a couple at a time.
What's up next for the Wimmers? Well, on Thursday we will celebrate National Nurses Day with our first 10K race - The Meriter Nurses Run in Madison. Next weekend is the Beloit YMCA Biathlon (which is a mere 15 minute drive for us) 2mi run - 11 mi bike - 2mi run. This should be a piece of cake after the Paper Discovery this weekend. After that is the Rock 50/50 bike ride. We will take Memorial weekend off, the we will be doing the Evansville Duathlon the following weekend(another one close to home). Beyond that- who knows? We have lots of choices, so we shall see.

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Athena said...

I'm glad you're still there! Log some miles for me -- I can't seem to log too many for myself these days.

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