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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Are you for real?

The past few days have been interesting.

1) I still cannot seem to get the magic marker off my leg from the tri on Saturday. My theory is that my skin is sooooo dry that the marker soaked through to the bone. (does anyone have a secret trick to getting that crap off??)

2) Due to #1 and the fact that all my work and social clothes are either cropped pants or short skirts, people have had some really strange comments about why I have numbers on my leg.

Here are a few:

- while out to eat at the Speakeasy with the tri club Saturday night, a sweet young boy (who looked about 12 but was probably more like 16) who was seating people asked me why everyone had numbers on them......"Is it like a concentration camp thing?" Sadly, he was completely serious. I took a big breath in and explained that we had all done a triathlon that morning, they write our race numbers on our legs and arms. He said "Oh" and was obviously processing the info, then he asked "OK. Did you finish?" I just looked at him and stopped talking since I was getting nowhere. he was very cute, but very dim.

At work several people commented on the numbers.

- "Why would you want to do a triathlon? It's so much work......." (Exactly the point, beating obesity one mile at a time
- "How come you didn't wash it off?" (Umm yeah..... why didn't I think of that?)

-"was that your finishing time?" (Yeah, they write your time on your leg.....wth??)

So, what the strangest comment you have gotten?

Monday we took a super slow bike ride with the SWAT folks - lots of stops and then one guy spoked out and had to wait for the SAG wagon to come get him. Got rained on and chased by a dog. Not really my favorite ride, but whatever we got out of the house for awhile.

Tuesday was SWAT practice. I went to work at 0600 forgetting it was Quarterly QA meeting day. We meet at 4 to accommodate our medical directors schedule (who by the way did not show up) SO did not get out of work til 5. Practice starts at at 5 at the pool so we were late and I was quite possibly the most ornery person ever. Got like 400 yds in, then biked out Afton Rd and back cranking out my frustration. Took a short (2.25 mi) run on the bike path loop and called it a day.

Tonight, we did some necessary errand running so not really much time for exercise, but that's OK.

Tomorrow, who knows..... big run after work? Maybe a big bike? Maybe I'll bike tomorrow and do a big run Friday morning before we take off for Indiana. We'll see what the mood is, plus I gotta pack still........

Figured out today I should have enough credits (and a 4.0 GPA) to qualify for "summa cum laude" honors at graduation. At last, the compulsive A student thing pays off...... (my study motto has been "nothing less than perfection is failure"---- basically driving myself crazy is just my thing).


Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

nice. I personally think the leftover numbers are like a badge of courage. A momento. ;)
Baby oil works most times, make up remover usually works and rubbing alcohol is great for getting the ink off.
Great job on the Tri!!

Collin said...

"Why would you want to do a triathlon? It's so much work......." Ever since I started talking about doing the Devil's Challenge, this is all I've heard! People just don't get it, but that's cool. I feel great and look better all the time.

Dan Seifring said...

LOL on the marker stories. I can only hope that I have the marker problem someday.

Great job on the 4.0 not an easy task at all.

Anonymous said...

Jenny, you rock! You are the best daughter-in-law anyone could have. You and Mike make me laugh out loud all the time and that isn't something that happens much these days. I am soooooooo proud of you both. Congratulations not only on your graduation but on all that you have done (and encouraged Mike to do). Hope you can come to North Carolina this year and run and bike our "hills". Love, Gail

Pat said...

Maybe you should just get the number tatooed on. Then for each tri you'll have to request the same number.

Seriously, you should be darn pround of the 4.0. I'm sure it's noticed by the kids.

Anonymous said...

4.0? you always were a show off :)


Duane said...

I just love going around with the numbers! So did Kelly!

Myles said...

i don't have funny number stories but i have been able to identify fellow triathletes out on the bike path when i have spotted faded numbers on legs. They always seem surprised and gratified when I pull up and say, "Which tri did you do last weekend?"

GeekGirl said...

I found out accidentaly that spray sunscreen gets rid of it. I keep forgetting to put on sunscreen until after I've been marked, and it always runs like crazy. I don't know if it's the alcohol or the oil, but something works. I've also heard baby oil
Marker story...hmm, well, once I get home I work to get the marker off, but did you know it makes great sunscreen? I was at a wedding and someone asked me if I'd had a race, and then pointed to my arm: I had my race number in white in the middle of my sunburn. It stayed for nearly a week, until my next sunburn. (I forget to put on sunscreen constantly)

Athena said...

You know, I hate to say it, but the sweet young 16-ish waiter is probably one of the brightly shining bulbs among our dim youth. How many 16-year-olds even remember from history class that concentration camp victims were tattooed. His chronology is a little off, but--bless his heart--he tried to make sense of your anomalous appearance.

I love the question about finishing time. "Yeah, and if you get first place, they use a brand to burn it into your skin."

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