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Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Week in Review from Africa, Wisconsin

It's hot - Africa hot - in Southern Wisconsin this past few days. Now I know, all you hardcore folks that live in the land of zero-scaping are rolling your eyes at that, but it's truly no fun to workout outside. Really, its not so much the heat as the humidity I guess. Anyhoo, humidity cranks up the whine for sure.
We have spent much of the week in the pool. Mike is making good progress in the pool. I just hang around swimming laps. My run/bike has suffered a little because the swim is a different kind of cardio. Tuesday was SWAT group, and we got a nice big bike in there, but didn't do the run leg since it was getting really late. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday were all swim nights. Thursday, I had planned to do a brick but I ended up taking my Maddy dog in to the vet with a sore paw. It ended up she had broken off her toenail way down deep inside the paw and then had not come off all the way, creating a huge wound. She had a little minor surgery, got a gimongous bandage, some antibiotics, and pain meds and we were home again. That pretty much killed any big exercise plans - Maddy needed some TLC, so we just took a quick swim and came back home.
Friday, I got home from work and felt like taking a nap, but instead took off on a run sheerly out of guilt. Here are just a few of the things I learned:
1) Half a jar of dill pickles and some deli ham do not make a good pre-run snack.
2) a bag of red sports beans and gatorade don't go well on top of pickles and ham.
3) If you jiggle that mess up repeatedly, it makes you feel like barfing
4) if you haven't ran in almost a week, don't try to do one of your long routes.
5) Swimming needs to supplement your other cardio, or your other cardio suffers.
6) If it's really hot and humid out running sucks butt more than usual.

I did not barf. I did however run really slow. It was painful slow and I never really did find a groove. It has been a long time since I needed to bargain with myself to finish the run and Friday was one of those runs. Had to keep telling myself - you CAN get to the corner, just make it to the church, OK you can walk that hill but then you have to get going again, just finish the mile, just make it one more block, one more driveway, one more barking dog, and so on.
lesson learned: make more time for running, especially if you plan to run a 1/2 marathon in 6 weeks.


Lori said...

Purely by accident, I stumbled across your blog while, of all things, googling for pictures of the Kiwanis trail.

And I must say, you've lit a fire under me to get off my butt and get serious about getting healthy!

After reading your blog and looking at your pics, I realized that I think I went to high school with you. Sheesh, what a small world!

Anyway, keep up the hard work, and congratulations on coming so far!

GeekGirl said...

pickles as a pre-run snack. Hmmmm. I wouldn't have thought of that. But now that I have your warning, I'll know better. It does suck running in the heat these days, doesn't it?

tayjizzy said...

The girls at work make fun of me when I say It's Africa Hot. I must have got that saying from you. I hit the treadmill trying to avoid the heat today.......I don't know which sucks worse........

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

they give away pickles at the race aid stations - so you're not too wierd for trying it! The salt can be a good thing, especially when it's africa hot.

heat training - ugh. it takes me at least a week before I feel anything like ready for heat, but it never really gets what I'd call comfortable. Just keep going!

J-Wim said...

Well, the pickles and ham was really just a "I am home from work and starving to death" snack before I seriously decided to run...... Had I had my head on straight I think I would have chosen something milder, yogurt or a PB sandwich or something.
The salt probably didn't hurt anything though for sure.

TAK said...

That's funny... I use africa hot too and get the same reactions from people. Good thing we're all related!

Tri-Dummy said...

That combination of delites you threw down the gullet woulda had me "rollin off the rails" on a GRAVY train.


Erin said...

Just like you said on my blog -- forward motion counts! Way to get the time in.

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