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Monday, August 6, 2007

I love it when it's all about me........ TAGGED!

Tagged by Mrs Bigun
Well, this is fun. I was just thinking that since I had reached the 100 post mark that it was time for a 100 things about me post, but this is more fun.

Jobs I’ve Held:
Corn detasseling in 7th and 8th grade. One time, my whole bus got fired because a couple guys got in a food fight on the bus and my dad drove me over to the office ad went inside. I was back at work the next day – very cool “papa bear” move.
Little Caesar’s Pizza Pizza, age 16. I was the dough making queen
High school and college summers- lifeguard/swim instructor at Rockport Pool Hands down the coolest job ever.
High school winters – lifeguard for lap swim at Rock County Pool. Worked 5-8 Mon-Thursday. Did my homework while people who knew how to swim did laps. Quite boring actually but the hours were great for a teenager.
College Year 1 – Waitressing Night shift at the Oasis Restaurant (Truck stop) – Yuck.
Waitressing at Perkins – cool job, good money, always smelled like grease and syrup.
Asst DON at Fair Oaks Health care center – first nursing job, totally blew.
Lead RN/Care Plan Coordinator, then DON for Mercy Manor and then Mercy Manor Transition Center- good job, great hours, great people to work with. Being on call all the time and having to deal with sucky stuff, not always so fun.

Movies I Can Watch Over & Over:
Shawshank Redemption
Forest Gump
Legally Blonde (any of them)
Really anything with Reese Witherspoon
Any of the Bourne movies
Mystery Men
and (I’m with Di on this one) the one that goes without saying... A Christmas Story.

My Guilty Pleasures:
Chocolate Ganache Cake
Apple Cinnamon Streusel Bread for Walmart
Mint Oreo Blizzard
Culvers Butterburger and Fries
Chi Chi’s Lobster Enchiladas
Buying clothes (lots of them) in the regular persons section (with no EXTRA on any of the size tags)
running shoes
bike shoes
Bike gear
Electronic gadgets
Cooking gadgets (although I don’t cook really)

Places I Have Lived (in order):
Beloit, WI
Rockford, IL
Mendota, IL
Janesville, WI
Whitewater, WI (UW-W dorms)
Janesville, WI (again)

Shows I Enjoy:
Law & Order – all of them
Biggest Loser
Big Brother
Amazing Race
Singing Bee
Friends (can almost say the words to all of them) American Idol (only the first and last shows)House
CSI – all of them

Places I Have Been on Vacation:
Franklin, NC (mikes mom)
Elwood, IN (my grandparents)
Muncie, IN (Ball State last month)
Denver, CO (my sister)
Rockton, IL (my grandparents)
Orlando, FL - twice
Tampa, FL
St Augustine, FL
Cocoa Beach, FL
Appleton, WI (paper discovery dauthlon this spring)
Northern Wisconsin (various locations) many summers as a kid
Sad to say, I think that’s it. But I really do hate to travel – Jwim likes to sleep in her own bed…..

Favorite Foods:
Fresh fruit – strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, Anjou pears, granny smith apples, watermelon, kiwi, pretty much any fruits
Corn on the cob roasted on the grill
Southwest Egg beaters with Sweet potatoes, onions, green peppers and turkey
Smart Ones Chicken Enchilada Suiza
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough anything
Milk chocolate anything
Fannie May mint meltaways

Websites I Visit Daily:
Lots of blogs (see sidebar)
Runners World Online
Addicting Mahjongg the hard one
Awards I’ve Won:
HS graduation top 10 (8/333)
AAUW scholarship – twice – once in HS and last year as an adult
Scholarship last year from mercy volunteers
Phi Kappa Phi honor society (BSU)
Medals/awards at 3 of the 4 multisports I did this year – Evansville Duathlon, Beloit Biathlon, Janesville Triathlon (although not from a big field, but hey…)
Nicknames I’ve Been Called:
JWim (like JLo – from Mike)
Jenny Keeney Weenie (my maiden name – Keeney….. my friends were not very creative apparently)
Now for my victims....This is tougher than I thougt to choose just 5....... I am going to tag 5 people here to do the same post, people that I admire and here's why:

My sister Tracy- who has an adventurous spirit and isn't afraid to try anything
My sister Michele - who manages everything on her plate with ease and humor
RunAthena - who is a wonderful writer and one of the most interesting people I have met, one of the first people I met in the blog community who made me feel extremely welcome!
Pat in Arizona- who always has something funny and encouraging to say, has an interesting perspective on life
Regina - who is a dedicated cyclist and got married on a tandem bike in vegas which I think is totally cool!
Amended List:
Mike and I chose many of the same people so I am adding people to my list -
Obrats (good guy and big loser - in a good wasy), Erin (doing Ironman Wisconsin next month- hats off), Collin (new triathlete) , and Steve (the next biggest loser and soon to be triathlete!), Come on down! Inquiring minds want to know!


Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

It's always fun to hear about where someone has been and what they have done! You were a busy woman!!

tayjizzy said...

WTH :) What am I supposed to do now?

Pat said...

I worked at perkins too. I even had the chocolate milk bladder explode all over me.


J-Wim said...

One of my friends sat on a white milk one once - said it looked like a fluffy marshmallow and plopped down on it. I laughed so hard when she sat down and it popped I think I might have peed a little. Still makes me giggle to this day...... It was a fun job, except for all the running around and syrup.

J-Wim said...

Reginas blog reminded me of an award ...... I lettered in high school in BOYS swim (as the team manager x 3 years)
But not in girls swim.... hmmm weird.

bigmike600 said...

Your forgot dill pickle/deli ham combo plate for favorite foods

Dan Seifring said...

Mike don't forget....

a bag of red sports beans and gatorade don't go well on top of pickles and ham.

Jeff said...

Yes, I too am a reality-tv-aholic. Just can't stop. Don't wanna stop. Please, please, don't make me stop. Just 42 days until Survivor: China!

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