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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Janet vs. Truck

The following is a letter from my friend Janet's husband he asked me to share with my friends and co-workers.
Hello everyone,

Last night (Tuesday, Aug. 28th) at about 6:35pm, my wife (Janet) was hit by a pick-up truck while riding her bike on Rockport Rd. She was taken by ambulance to Mercy Hospital. After tending her wounds, taking a few x-rays, and pumping her full of pain pills and muscle relaxers, they released her at about 2:30am this morning (Wednesday). She returned to the hospital today for more x-rays and an MRI where they discovered a compression fracture to one of the vertebrae in her middle back, and another smaller one in her lower back.

The good news is she is alive, walking, is at home, and is expected to recover completely! Other than allowing the bumps, bruises, scrapes, and small fractures to heal, we do not expect she will need any other medical treatment. She is in good spirits and counting her blessings.

The bad news is that her new carbon road bike did not fair as well. The frame is broken, and it was taken by the police as evidence of the crime committed on her.

After hitting her, the driver did not stop. Although there were several people who witnessed the vehicle leaving the scene and were able to give descriptions of the vehicle to the police, at this point we do not know who the driver was. The police have pieces from the vehicle as evidence and have said they will be conducting an investigation with the hopes of catching the individual responsible.

Although were not expecting the person to be caught, it sure would be awesome if he/she were found and held accountable. If you notice a 1999 – 2007 red Chevy (or GMC) pick-up truck with damage to the front passenger-side headlight/turn marker area, it would be great if you would note the license plate number and pass it along to me (or the Janesville Police). We have all heard too many stories of people not taking responsibility for their actions and/or not respecting cyclist’s rights to the road.

Janet and I would like to say “thanks” to everyone who has expressed concern, have brought meals and flowers, and have offered their prayers. At this point, we expect to have Janet back on a new road bike by next spring, if not sooner (maybe even later this fall). If you know Janet, you know she won’t let a little thing like a pick-up truck running her over stop her from participating in the sport she lovesJ

Ride safe!
Bob & Janet


Tri-Dummy said...

That flares me up. Boils my blood. I got hit last year, hit and run, too. I was alone and had to gimp my way home.

I'm glad she's okay. Very lucky.

blink140pnt6 said...

I hope they catch the Bastige.

Spandex King said...

Thank God she's okay. I sure hope they catch the clown that hit her.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

Man, I'm so glad it's a felony crime in your state - I hope they DO catch the so-and-so.

And mostly, I'm glad she's OK. Good for you for taking care of her!

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

I find myself sharing the same sentiments as everyone else here. It fries my butt like a flame about 3 feet high. How could someone not stop to see if they killed someone?!?!? I am so relieved to hear your friend will be alright.

muthu said...

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