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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Cow Chip Classic 10K (only in Wisconsin...)

Wednesday, Mike and I took a run together shooting for 5 miles or so. Then on Thursday, we went to Edgerton to do speedwork at the track with the Hagens. We did a quick warmup and cooldown run of 1.5miles each way, then did 5 minute intervals of 400's x 6. I am really slow compared to everyone else there, so I guess I must need the speedwork the most, but I sure do hate it. I'll keep it up becuase it seems it is helping me a little and it's good for me, kind of like eating my veggies.
Ran the Cow Chip Classic today. Mike, Jeff, and I did the 10K, Michele did the 5K. This was a fun race and the first consecutive year event I have done. Last year I did the 5K, but I really want to be doing 10s from here on out. The run itself was fun. Michele and I ran together for a while until the courses split about a mile out. Immediately after the split, I headed up "Heartbreak Hill" which really was not as bad as I anticipated. I remember looking up it last year thankful the the 5K routed us away from it, so I knew it was coming and I was busily psyching myself out of it. I managed to pass my rabbit twice on the hill. Near the top of the hill she passed me and stayed slightly ahead of me until I passed her just after the 5 mile mile marker. Not sure what my deal is but when I look at my pace vs elevation, I often am speeding up as I go uphill instead of down - my theory is it is anticipatory pacing, but who knows. Today was my first negative split race, if that counts in something as small as a 10K.
Somehow while trying to run and reset my garmin settings from speedwork night, the garmin gave me credit for an extra mile, a 7.2 mile 10K....... ?? ...... whatever - it still registered my time correctly and I AM capable of doing the math. Garmin says..... 1:10:23.
my official result was 173/177 overall, 20/20 age group, 1:11:31 (11:31/mi pace). 10Ks are not really very good for my ego, I have moved WAY back in the pack despite a faster pace than I ran in the 5s, which sucks big eggs.
I wish I had had my camera today, there were some really interesting things we saw. First was the little Saab that was covered in brown foam with fake bugs and random stuff stuck to it so the whole car looked like a giant bug covered turd. We walked by it as we went to the start of the race, and a girl said to her dad "what is the brown stuff?" and he replied very seriously "it's poop honey." I thought I was going to die laughing - they were SO serious about it.
On the way to our car after the race, there was a lady on the corner selling homemade hats of the same brown foam material (maybe made of brown Great Stuff??) complete with fake flies attached. She even had gift boxes for them. She was charging $15, so I didn't buy one, they were cute but not THAT funny.
I will try to find a few pictures I can post here to give you a feel for the State Championship of the Cow Chip Throwing (at my house known as the Poop Toss). Check back for them later.


Pat said...

Darn it! We never celebrate poop around here. Did they have poop on the course?

In December our city collects tumbleweeds and makes a huge christmas tree. And in March we celebrate the Ostrich, so I guess we do weird things too.

Jenny Davidson said...

I must say that I think 11:31 pace for a 10K is EXTREMELY respectable--b/c I live in NY I am always running in these races with thousands and thousands of people, trust me when I say that you would have the satisfaction of finishing before many thousands of others round here!

Bigun said...

you'll only get faster - keep it up - 10k is "the" distance!

GeekGirl said...

Ohhhhhh...a brown poop hat and you didn't buy one? Why, dont' you know that there are millions of people who wish they could have a brown poop hat with flies stuck to it? (why not me, I thought enviously as I read about it...)

blink140pnt6 said...

Mikes in trouble now, first the 5 now the ten, next the 1/2 and then a full... it's like crack. Plus the competitive negative split...Oh my, look out Mike.


J-Wim said...

My first half is in 2 weeks..... I should fininsh near th end in that run too.
IronGeek- I can pick you up a poop hat next year if you want one ... :-)
No Pat there was no poop on the course, but after running the bike trails I have developed some mad skillz at dodging dog bombs, so it would have been all good.

S. Baboo said...

Great run!

It seems to me that at the Iowa state fair there was a "game" where they had a football field size numbered grid with a cow on it. You would place your bet on a grid square and if the cow dumped on your square you would win.

The things people do.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

Ah, that slipping back in the rankings thing is normal - because of the crack factor. See, as you get more distance behind you, you'll look back to the days when 5K was hard and you'll say to yourself, pshaw, what was I worried about? Don't be discouraged - 1:11 for your first 10K is an awesome time - good for you!

Erin said...

Great job on the race. And don't worry at all about the rankings. Speed will come -- it's just important to be out there, covering the miles. Way to go!

Tri-Dummy said...

The reason you got faster but didn't move up in the rankings are such...
10K is not a race you can NOT train for and go for it. The 5K is, thus you have some slower times.

You rocked it. Great job!

T-Storms said...

Hi there - I happened across your blog. I used to live in Janesville about 4 1/2 years ago.
Your weight loss journey is amazing. Kudos to you and your family!
Cow Chip run.....hmmmmm, you're right - only in Wisco!

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

sounds like a great race ! Your time was fantastic!!

Jeff said...

You guys are so full of s@*% . . . Cow chips! Poop plant! Chip throwing! I do love the mid-west.

For my money, 11:31 is a great time!

Steve S. said...

You passed up the hats with fake flies attached?!? I would have bought 15!!

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