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Sunday, September 30, 2007


Saturday was the Homecoming Dance, my youngest son's first high school dance.

This first pic is of Lucas and his friend Justin before the girls arrived.

This is Lucas and his girlfriend Michaela. She's pretty cute and seems like a nice girl.

This is a pic of the whole group - Justin and his date Janessa, Justin's exchange student from Spain Anna, Lucas's date Michaela, and my boy Lucas.

This is a picture of my new baby we picked up in Taylorville Illinois today, in what proved to be the biggest all day fiasco of my life. We drove several hours to pick it up from a lady who is on vacation and had made arrangements to have her boyfriend meet us at her little gym/health club and pick it up. Despite making arrangements to be there at a certain time, no one was to be found when we arrived and no one answered their cell phones to meet us - for TWO HOURS! When she finally answered her phone she was a total witch, like we were inconveniencing her or something and the boyfriend says when he FINALLY pulls up "Hey I saw you here looking in the window when I drove by before on my way to my buddy's place......" WTF! That was when we first got there..... ON.TIME! So anyhow, here's a pic of my Ironman 112m Spinner Bike (spec sheet), my winter time friend, another very thrifty eBay purchase. She's pretty hot huh?


Jeff said...

Nice looking kids.

Must say, I'm disappointed that "the biggest all day fiasco" only occupied one paragraph of text! I want more gorey detail! LOL.

Congrats on the new baby in the house! I just don't forsee and colorful spinning stories, though. Kinda hard to ride this baby past the poop plant!

Tri-Dummy said...

Lucas looks like a hippie version of his pa. Tell him to get that cat off of his head!

The spinner is SWEEET.

Anonymous said...

thanks tri dummy, i like your hair too.
anddd mom you completely annihilated justins dates name. its jenessia haha

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