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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Because we live the same darn life.... and the Family Circus Run

I'm tired. Because Mike and I have had EXACTLY the same weekend, please refer to his post about the weekend events so far. Immersing ourselves in the Ironman culture has been incredible so far. How very cool it is.
When we got back today, Mike and I decided to get our last long run over before next weekends half marathon. I got to mile 3.2 and my stomach hurt so bad I felt like hurling. This is getting to be a pattern that is really pissing me off frankly. I sat on a raised manhole cover hoping it would either pass or get the barfing over with and I made Mike keep going and promised to call Nick to pick me up (yeah right, like I would). I sat there a while longer and felt marginally better so I decided I would walk towards home for at least 1 mile and decide what came next from there. I had a little pity party for a while then decided that I need to buck up and quit being a wuss. I decided I would run however slow I needed to to get as many miles in as I could stand - I need the miles and the confidence that I can finish. I ran painfully slow towards home. As I got closer, I started making big loops around blocks in my route so that I added on mileage without getting to far away from home in case I tanked again. I entertained myself by thinking about all the IM things we saw and have read, about the folks in IMMoo tomorrow and those that we followed at IMKY. I envisioned that my route must look a little like a big loopy Family Circus cartoon map, which made me giggle. When I finally made it up to Parkers parking lot, I thought a little bit about running around the school parking lots and around that area again and decided that although I felt like I could do it, I was out of water and I did make it 8.5 miles, not bad for starting out thinking about barfing and throwing in the towel.
I will definitely need to watch what I eat before running a little better. Also I was planning to try to use Powerade instead of using Sports Beans since I thought that might be easier to digest and easier on the gut. not so - took one swig today at mile 2 and immediately got an icky belly - too sweet. So, I quit drinking hoping to empty and refill with plain water in Riverside Park (a little farther from where I made my barf stop) so I suspect it was partly a little dehydration today kicking in . I also have been taking naproxen almost every night for the twinges of extra running, which I was thinking about today. i took a lot of it last summer too when I tore my trapezius and had some belly pain issues then too. I am stopping that and I am pretty confident it will help.
If the pain continues, I will see if Dr Darin has some time to offer some advice. I think he is a little busy this weekend though doing a little race in Madison. Maybe next week.


Dan Seifring said...

Great job getting the 8.5 in after feeling as bad as you did.

Don't know if you ever tried Cytomax but I love it as my drink while I run.

I will be thinking of you guys tomorrow while watching the race (when I can).

Jeff said...

Sorry to hear about the belly aches. I'm sure you'll be fine.

Personally, I can't stand any of those drinks other than water. I pass right by the Gatorade, Accelorade and any other -ade they're handing out. Don't like the gels much better, but that's what I've carried with me on long runs.

Have fun in Madison tomorrw. Can't wait to read the report.

S. Baboo said...

Ooh, hope you figure out where the stomach issues are coming from. I know how little fun it is to try and run with a bad stomach.

Bigun said...

you'll crack the code - simple is better, probably. Plan to walk - if you incorporate it into the whole half, you'll feel better about the whole race...sticking to plan that is. Have fun tomorrow - that's awesome that you can volunteer and help out - draw some good motivation!

Pat said...

hope your having a blast today. I'm sure it's even tiring for the volunteers. Hope you guys get to see some of the finishers.

Erin said...

Sounds like a tough run, but way to hang in there! Sorry I missed you guys at IM -- looked for you in body marking, but it was a total zoo. Planning on being at the GB duathlon, though (I vaguely remember you saying you were doing that one, right?) Maybe we'll meet in person one of these days. In the meantime, thanks so much for being one of the 3,500 AMAZING volunteers yesterday that made it one of the most AMAZING days of my life!

T-Storms said...

Hi there,

It was nice to meet you and your husband this weekend. I had a total blast! I saw "Dr Darin" on the run course and cheered my crazy head off for him.
Some people can't take the straight up version of gatorade or powerade. It could be that your body needs to have a watered down version. You might want to play with that a bit. Someone suggested Cytomax and that is also a good suggestion as well.
Kudos to you for gutting it out when you felt like bailing. Chalk one up for mental victory!

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

Jenny - you did great. Not so sure if it were me I would have stuck it out. Nausea always gets me, can't take it.

BTW do you guys have a place to stay at CdA?

blink140pnt6 said...

Fortitude, you gots it!

I do loops sometimes as well, the family circus reference, that's me when I'm on call.

I hope you have a great race this weekend.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

You'll get a bajillion suggestions from others, but here's mine:

Not taking naproxen will most definitely help.

Make sure you take water only in when you do any solids - sport beans, gels, blocks. Water Only with those - it helps you absorb them better and will help avoid tummy issues.

I like Hammer products, they're a bit easier on my stomach, and they work well together.

You'll figure this out and you'll keep going - change one thing at a time!

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