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Monday, January 7, 2008

Fair Warning

Tonight is the first night of Driver's Ed for my youngest.
We'll be sure to call ahead to anyone in the area when we do hit the road, just as fair warning to get out of your car and to the nearest shelter.
We survived the oldest getting his license, I have faith we may survive this too.
Did get some training in the past week, Thursday night I got in the planned 2000 yds of swimming, followed by 1:20 on the spinner Friday night while watching Borat. Borat - by the way - was kind of funny but really horribly inappropriate, but still kept me entertained long enough to get through several 5/5 sets of SLPs, standing, sprints, and miscellaneous other drills while watching it. (Just as an aside - also watched "I know who killed me" with Lindsay Lohan......quite possibly the dumbest movie I ever saw. Had a really hard time with it, particularly that she got a bionic arm and leg minutes after surgery......... puh-lease! And she had a prosthetic leg that needed to be charged up to be able to walk........ I guess they couldn't afford a technical team to advise them about how stupid that was....... 1 of 10 - don't waste your time on it).
The weather has been strange the past week. We went from a couple feet of snow the end of the week, to pea soup fog on Saturday and Sunday, to rain and the disappearance of ALL the snow on Sunday with more fog. Today was foggy, stormy, and finished up with a tornado warning (IN.JANUARY!!!!). Weird, wild stuff.
Sunday Mike and I were planning to take a run outside since it was soooooo warm out (45) however while waiting for the fog to lift a little and for Mike's belly to settle down, it finally got too dark to go outside so I ended up running on the elliptical for 1 1/2 hours.
Today Mike and I will head to the YMCA for the 2 hours Lucas is at Drivers Ed and run the track, maybe lift a couple of weights. I'd love to go outside, but the rain pooped on that plan.


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain with the driver's ed thing! We've only gone through it with one son though. Our younger one will probably be this summer. Sounds like it doesn't get much easier!

You've been getting in some great workouts! Hope the weather clears up soon :)

Tri-Dummy said...

Everything was great in the post, but I had to comment on how studly you are to do 1.5 HOURS on the eliptical!


You signed up for PIGMAN, too!!!

bigmike600 said...

They see me rollin...They're hatin.... patrollin and tryin to catch me riding dirty....

Steve Stenzel said...

Ouch. Drivers Ed. GOOD LUCK!!!

Jeff said...

What's up with this weather? It was almost 70 here today!

Drivers Ed -- ugh, don't even want to think about it -- 6+ years away.

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