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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Random Ramblings about Everything I Know Today

Seems like I am reporting the same things over and over again, since we last met I have swam, run, and spun a bunch. A whole bunch.
The whole indoor activity thing is really getting kinda old, hamster-in-a-wheel-ish feeling. I can hardly wait for the cold to break. Anything below zero with wind chill is too cold for me, and I was feeling pretty cowgirl about going out in that. So in January, I have done exactly ZERO anything outdoors. Blech.
Tuesday afternoon, I took Lucas to go and get his temps. He had already taken the test, so it was just a matter of writing a check and snapping his headshot. Immediately upon getting back into the car, he texted EVERYONE that he got his temps and congratulatory texts came rolling back in ..... and I'm thinking "Congrats for what? Way to write that check, mom! Superior penmanship! All right!"
It was icy and snowing out, and I offerred to take the boy driving a little bit. He immediately said no thanks - it's icy, I want to get home before the BB game, etc etc....... So I told him no one doesn't drive the day they get their license and he was gonna do it. I pulled us into the PHS parking lot behind my house and we switched places. We talked about taking it easy, accelerating and braking slowly, etc. "I know mom." So all excited to be behind the wheel, he turns the key and floors the Matrix on a patch of ice. I hollered out "Stop - brakes!" and he did. Then we started over. He buckled up his seat belt. I got my right hand firmly on the chicken strap and the left hand on the emergency brake. He took off and I tried hard not to shreik and offer some helpful advice like "try to stay on the right hand side of the lane" and "remember to signal all your turns" and "it's icy - if you dont slow down around that turn next time we are going to land in the neighbors pool...." Always the helpful one, Mike drove up in the Yarus (a/k/a "The Yardstick") and commenced spinning all around us doing donuts all over Jim Rockford-style. Yeah, that really did a lot to diffuse the high anxiety level behind the wheel.
Last night, we did our run at the indoor track at the Y. I was kinda hungry when we started, but figured I would suck on my Gatorade and be fine. I was scheduled for some sub 10:30 pace intervals, which I did, and about an hour later, we headed home. I started feeling crappy on the way home and was fully into a bonk feeling by the time I got home. I was still feeling it this morning even after a couple hours at work. I hate it when I do that to myself. It was a good feeling run though. I know sub 10:30 isn't lightning speed for most people, but its pretty quick for me.
Tonight I am off to marshall for Swim. Friday I will spin after work. Saturday I am scheduled for my long run, 14 miles probably on the indoor track. I am dedicated (now) to getting it in. I have blown off my last *5* long runs, a pattern I am trying to dig myself out of. You know how everything you read says skip anything but don't skip that weekly long run? Well yeah I was listening but not so great at following directions I guess. Will I make it an even half dozen this week? Hope not. If I do, I fully expect y'all will give me some shit about it.
BTW: 115 days until the Madison Marathon.


Tri-Dummy said...

Mike need to be a secret agent with moves like that!

Can you send me an email when you get a chance.

One of my homies needs to talk to you about your weight loss and how you did it. He's a doctor and is going to speak about weight loss at a dinner.

(I sent this same message to your hubby, so remind him please)

Jenny Davidson said...

I like hearing about your kids, you write well about them!

Sounds like you've been doing good with those indoor workouts--good luck with the indoor track run--that is more of a trial of patience than I could quite handle, I fear, I can't really do more than 3-4 miles of running indoors without feeling slightly insane...

Sunshine said...

Yes! This indoor workout stuff is really getting to me too.
Somebody promised spring would come. I want to see that!!!

TAK said...


Yeah for you, you kick ass Jen! I've resorted to making my window that the treadmill faces into a picture of it being nice outside, then I just pretend I'm not running in place :)

Anonymous said...

"Way to write that check, mom!"...that's funny!!

Donuts in the snow have much to do with the stress my son caused me on Tuesday. Mike's donuts look controlled though...not the type to cause damage to a vehicle!

If you are able to do 14 miles on an indoor track, running outside when it warms up this spring will be a breeze for you!

Pat said...

we learned that insurance is a lot cheaper while our son has his temporary, then when he has his license. We used the whole year and then some. He's about ready to take the test.

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice shitty!

(do they call them that where you're from?)

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