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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Random Ramblings

(Week 2 of the training plan for Ironman Wisconsin and the Madison Marathon are now done SUCCESSFULLY even! WOOT for me- my worst enemy is sticking with the plan and doing all my workouts.)
So the posts are pretty sporadic here in bloggyland, as are my thoughts while out on long runs. Today was one of my first long runs for this Ironman season so here's some insight into where my brain goes as I am out on the road.

1) Seriously, is it that hard to pick up your doggie droppings from the sidewalk? I really am not a fan of hopping over it. If you take your pup for a walk, bring a baggie. And I promise I won't ask you what's in the bag when I see you carrying it back home. Well, maybe I'll ask, but I won't laugh.
2) people- it IS important to clear your walks so they are passable. I am amazed at the people who clear about a 6 inch path. And your corners? Yes you do have to shovel those too. I know it's a pain in the ass, I live on a corner lot myself. If you don't want the extra work, don't buy the house on the corner!
(there's a theme here, it IS Wisconsin and we've had some snow y'all)
3) Running gives you the freedom to load any weird thing you want onto your ipod playlists. How else would I be able to cram Schoolhouse Rock, Leo Sayer (you make me feel like dancin), Snoop Dogg, and Toby Keith onto the same playlist?? All you gotta say is they have the right beat for your cadence and you can add any old weird thing onto the list.

4) I am trying to quickly lose that 30ish pounds that have crept back on the past couple years. I am doing Medifast 5+1 Lean and Green. Now that I am ramping up the time and distance a bit, I am skating the edge of bonking more often. I need to figure something out, it's only gonna get worse. Would it be wrong to carry lunchmeat in my pocket since it would be too hard to bring a shake (LOL)?
5) Anyone else notice that Google Reader has pretty much killed commenting on other blogs much? I love the Reader because I can easily keep track of everyone's new entries, but I also rarely comment anymore and I miss it. I also miss exploring who is on everyone else's blogroll and finding new gems to follow.
6) Funny how over 32 degrees feels like heat wave in the spring, but anything under 50 in the fall feels like Alaska. It was like 35 out today. I saw a guy on a motorcycle. With no gloves on either. WTF. Wow.
See ya soon folks. My bloggy muscles are a little rusty like the rest of me, but I hope to get back to more frequent entries.


Velma said...

I am excited to follow your journey! For some reason, Marathon training just makes me HUNGRY!

Jenny Davidson said...

Glad to see you back at the blog!

(I agree with you about Google Reader and comments...)

Team Brazo said...

Glad your IM / Mad Marathon training is going well. The funny thing is the 1st year I did IM, I followed my schedule to the tee. Now I don't even have one, which is not a good thing. No schedule means more "under trained" worries, but then again I remember the same worries with a schedule - so I guess it doesn't matter.

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