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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm Loving It

Well Spring is finally starting to show some sign of springing and I for one could not be happier. Training days are only headed in the direction of harder and longer (I think I just heard Lucas say "That's what she said" as I typed that....) so it's just good to know warmer days are on their way.

Things I love this week:

* watching the snow melt and trying to identify the things that are left behind. Let's face it, the snowbanks are looking a little rough and looking at them got old weeks ago. they are not pretty fluffy piles of whiteness anymore: they are full of sand and grit and trash and are more a dingy gray nasty color. As the fog, rain, and warm temps melt the snow, I like to try to identify the things that emerge from them. Last year, I remember finding the GIGANTIC-EST pair of granny panties I have ever seen. I laughed forever trying to imagine who they might have fit or how they could have ended up in the middle of a snowpile in front of Franklin Middle School.

* Feeling fast and strong on the run. I have no illusions of breaking any land speed records, but the run is on track, ahead of the goals paces set by my Runners World marathon plan, and feeling OK. The last 2 years at this time, I was struggling with IT Band issues, skating the edge of injury, and basically hating where I was in training. I am not hung up on doing well at Madison Marathon in May, just on finishing and feeling good. It is basically a catered training day for me with the big race being IMWI in September. Thinking about it that way is making me much more laid back about the whole thing. Ask me again in September how much I like running, the answer could be different.

* Daylight Savings Time. It's this weekend y'all. It makes me smile every time I look at a calendar and see it again. Longer days, more daylight at times I am actually awake - how could that go wrong??

* Being able to run at 6pm without a headlamp. I pretty much don't have a lot of choice but to run in the evening. Being able to lace up the kicks and go without bring enough light to illuminate Las Vegas is huge for me.

Things that are bugging me this week:
* With Spring comes mud. Lots of mud. And water. I am a magnet for stepping into a mud pit of super puddle and having to run squishy til I get home. My new shoes are now gray. I am not eashing them until it dries up a bit.
* I've lost about 20 pounds, but need to lose about 20 more in my mind. It cannot come off fast enough and it is frustrating me.

* People who can't be supportive or intentionally derail me. Especially people close to me. Mike has taken to making snarky comments to me about what my plans are for the evening. "How many HOURS are you planning to work out tonight?" Thanks, I know I am slow and it takes me a long time to do what I need to do. I actually have a formal plan, detailed online for you to see every day if you are really that interested. I am not just flying by the seat of my pants, but I am following a plan laid out by a coach (in a book anyhow), it's not like I am just some sort of exercise addict or I am just randomly doing a bunch of training for no reason. I'm actually kind of proud that I am starting week 5 of the plan and haven't missed a session or a goal, so be nice and lose the tone and the advice based on nothing. So basically folks, if you can't be constructive or supportive, kindly STFU, mmm-k?

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Mike said...

Are you serious? 5 weeks and you haven't missed a session yet? That's amazing. I don't think I've ever gone that long without missing a workout. Congrats. It sounds like your training is going well. Keep with it. Consistency is the key...which requires patience...which is why it's so difficult.

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