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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Anniversary Day - and the Kick Off for our Lighten Up Wisconsin Team

It's here. On this day one year ago, I began the unchartered territory of taking control of my size. It seems like yesterday I was sitting in Dr Partello's office full of ambivalence and nervousness wondering if I had the will power and drive to be successful. I guess I did.

I registered our team today for Lighten Up Wisconsin, a group of co-workers, plus the hubby and my sister. Several teams from our health system register onto this statewide program that runs from January to May, and they compete against each other not only through the statewide program but the top three teams in each category from the groups registered through Mercy Health System receive recognition from the System. We will be competing in the categories of Weight Loss and Activity Miles, which we should be able to make a pretty good showing. It's kind of personally symbolic for me that we are starting this on my personal anniversary, kind of like starting a new chapter in my journey, taking me to yet another level of bettering and challenging myself.

Bring it on, I'm ready for what's next.

Todays activity:
15 minutes on the trainer this morning (keep reading for the story)
55.31 minutes on the trainer tonight
Total mileage: 15.01 miles

Tomorrows plan: up early on the trainer, big run after work (hopefully outside but its flipping cold!)

The story: I got up early this morning (5:30 AM) to get some quality time in the saddle. I let the dogs out, then headed downstairs to hop on my bike. With one eye open, I started taking down the bike from the trainer to switch them out. I struggled with it a little since I am still working on making this transition smoothly, but after several minutes I finally got it off and had loaded up the other bike. I put on my bike shoes and started to hop on only to notice that I was trying to clip onto the pedals of Mike's bike. RATS! So, I traded the bikes out again which seemed to take forever. By the time I was done farfling around with the bikes, I was able to get only a lousy 15 minutes of riding in, not nearly enough to work off my frustrations. The saddest thing is I should have recognized my own bike in the first place. Although we both have red Giant OCR 2's, they are distinctive. Mike's bar tape on his tri-bars is white with little skulls and mine is red. That should have been my first clue. Actually, they are both labeled with our NAMES on the fork, which should have been clue #2. I am not a morning person - I guess this proves it.


Pat said...

Doesn't Mike's have a pink basket and cool horn on it?

I'm going to his blog next to ask him if he liked the Wisconsin - Ohio State game. It was not a good week to be a Buckeye.

But hey, we beat Michigan.

Arizona, USA

Athena of Texas said...

man, i would have given up after the first bike snafu. congrats for sticking it out.

thanks for the post -- i learned a new word: "farfling".

J-Wim said...

Farfle ( verb) def: to totally screw up, to monkey around with. Known as the other "F" word, the one that can be said in front of grandmothers,small children, co-workers, and other mixed company. Conversational examples include: farfled up, farfle around with, as well as others.

It's my favorite word, a close second would by the word ginormous.

J-Wim said...

On Wisconsin! Go Bucky Go!!!

(sorry, Pat. I really don't mean to rub it in........ ;-)

dadof2 said...

I love the word ginormous. Although I don't know if that's how I would've spelt it. For me it comes from a family favorite movie, Elf. Hmmm...How would I spell it?? I don't know, but that looks weird:)

J-Wim said...

My favorite Christmas movie ever is Elf! I used it before the movie though so I still ahve dibs!

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