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Friday, January 12, 2007

Thanks for the Inspiration

Last night after work, I decided to go for a run. It was chilly so I bundled up and took off. As I ran and listened to my ipod, I was feeling pretty good. I crossed path with some runners from the high school as I started off. They were running a pretty fast clip in the opposite direction so I picked up the pace a little, I wouldn't want to look like the slow old lady I am in front of those gazelle-like teenage girls after all! As I ran I was thinking about all the folks I read about on the RWOL forums and various blogs. I thought about Pat who is running a half marathon this weekend. I thought about Athena, who is gearing up for marathons. I thought about all of the stories I have read online about them and countless others and I kept running. I passed the turnoff for my small route, then the medium route. I was on the long path. I was getting dark so I made sure my arm flashers wer going and I donned my headlamp. For a while, I was feeling icy stings on my cheeks, which I thought was my breath crystallizing as I exhaled. After a while, I realized it was actually spitting rain/sleet. I headed up the path behind the high school toward home. As I reached the left turn towards home at the 4 mile marker, I decided to take a right instead and make a new route - my extra large route, unchartered territory. After all, Pat's running a half, Athena's running a marathon - I could do an extra 2 mile loop, that's nothing compared to them! The rain kept spitting and I kept going and when I stepped in the door at home, I had 6.23 miles logged on the Garmin - pretty sweet. It felt good and I never stopped to walk. Yeah me.

when I got home, Mike and the boys wanted to go out for supper. I wasn't real hungry but showered up anyway and went along for the ride. I began to feel a little nauseous. My legs felt like rubber and were starting to burn. Then they started to feel tight and crampy. I got colder and colder and started shivering. We pulled into Red Robin and I was feeling a little lightheaded as we walked in and took our seats. I didnt' order anything, I planned to just eat a sliver of whatever Mike ordered, which was my favorite A1 Peppercorn Burger and Fries. I drank about 4 Diet Cokes as we sat, hoping the fluids would make me feel a little bettter. The food came and I sliced off a thin piece of Mike's burger and picked at a fry. I wasn't hungry, so I just picked it apart. AS we drove home, I was shivering and achy. I grabbed a bottle of water and crawled into bed once we arrived and slept for 2 hours off and on, then got up and drank some more water and ate a grapefruit.

I have to admit, I am not very conscientious about hydrating when I run. I drink a bottle of water before I take off and I drink when I get back, but I don't carry a bottle or stop for water breaks. Usually I don't do big runs, so it just hasn't been a huge issue. Tonight it was. I know that the way I felt was a direct result of dehydration and frankly I don't want to be there again - it was uncomfortable and kinda scary. I won't lose the lesson here. I will make a better effort to stay hydrated and carry at east a little water with me when I run so I don't do this to myself again.


Athena of Texas said...

Okay, we are allowed to be inspired by one another, but we are NOT allowed to risk life and limb, even for the *best* of runs. I'm glad you are on the mend. So important to hydrate, especially in the cold, since that's when you don't feel like you need to.

Take care of your little se'f!

Anonymous said...

I always get a long nap after a longer run. Your body has to get used to it.

Thanks for thinking about me. I'll be thinking about you and Mike during the race. You both are great inspirations.

Now, I'm off to the health expo and to get my race bib.

I'm pumped,

Arizona, USa

RunninRobin said...

Congrats on such a long run!!

I am not very good at hydrating either. I am glad that you are feeling better!

Valerie & Kiera said...

Congratulations on your new longer route! I take water (or powerade) with me if the run is over 4 miles.

Angela said...

I've just stumbled across your blog and wow, your before and after pictures have blown me away. Good on you. Did you ever imagine (at the before stage) that such a good figure was hidden in there somewhere?

I've lost 7 stone so far but I can still only imagine a chunky girl inside.

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