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Sunday, February 18, 2007

One more weekend closer to the Crazylegs

Well another weekend down, and lots of hours in on the Blackburn. Yesterday I rode an hour and 20 and I did another 30 tonight. I had big plans to do an indoor duathlon this weekend but lost all motivation and concentrated on getting some homework done instead.

I also had a few adventures into veggie land in the past few days. I am going to give two thumbs up to spinach ravioli and a OK rating to baked butternut squash. The squash is pretty blah with just salt and pepper - anyone have a good low-cal recipe to share??

We decided today to join the Y for a few more options in exercises. Plannign to do a spin class tomorrow and I would like to fine tune my swim strokes before the tri season starts. Plus, the treadmill and trainer are starting to wear a little thin - how often can you really move on them without feeling like a hamster on a wheel?

Best of all, we picked up our new mountain bikes today. Here's mine:

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naturgrl said...

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