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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Spin Class is not for the faint of heart

I did my first spin class at the Y tonight with Mike. I had a blast, but boy-o-boy was it a workout! We did a 50 minute class tonight. I think on Saturday morning we will go back for the 90 minute class and see if we can hack it.

The hardest part of the class was all the standing up we had to di simulating hills and something she called "continuous sets" where we basically stood up and sat down rpeatedly over and over and over for a whole song - KILLER!

My butt and thighs are on fire so I know I got a good workout.

In other good news, I went to conferences for the boys tonight and heard good things. We are far from perfect but I also did not leave feeling like the worst mother on earth, so I am chalking it up in the win column.

Today is my mom's birthday, so gotta give a shout out to the birthday girl in Costa Rica where they winter. Happy birthday mom, here's a picture of you thinking about your birthday cake (kidding!) .

(Sorry, mom but this picture really gave me a giggle!) By the way, I saw Sally C today and she wants to know if you got the phone message from her singing you a song...... if not I guess someone else in Central America got a serenade from Sally. (that makes me giggle too)
Be sure to check out Mike's tribute to my mother too. Growing older is hell, and it's a kids job to remind you of it every step of the way!

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GB said...

Spinning/cycling is awesome, and I'm sure you know it will really help improve your running. Happy birthday to your mom!

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