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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Product Review: The Furminator

I am sure I have mentioned in previous posts that we have two terrifically hairy Springer Spaniels. I am constantly on the lookout for ideas to cut down on the hair production, or at least keep the hairballs from building up around the house. Nevertheless, there is seldom a day where i don't pick a dog hair out of my mouth or eye or have to lint roll the dog hair off my pants before leaving for work. It's just one of the joys of having dogs I guess.
For the last several weeks, I have been eyeing a new brush at the pet store called The Furminator. They had it all set up with a snazzy display and a video showing how wonderful it is on a constant loop. I think I have watched the video dozens of times in the past few months and considered buying it several times. I have asked Steve the Lizard guy (I'm sure he has a last name, but he has been known as the Lizard guy ever since we started raising geckos) about a million questions. Mostly I ask if it really works, and he has always said yes. In my mind, though I am skeptical - I figured he just figures that anyone considering spending $40 for a dog brush in the first place musts not need much convincing.
Well, Friday night we stopped into our favorite pet store for dog food and crickets for the geckos, and as I passed the Furminator display, they are on sale. Against my better judgement, the urge for an impulse buy was uncontrollable - I bought one.
Friday night was beauty night for my girls. We brushed teeth and then we furminated the dogs. I raked through their coats as I usually do. The end result was a PILE of dog hair large enough to knit myself another dog. So, yes folks if you are foolish enough to spend the cost of dinner and a movie on a dog brush, you will not be sorry. And yes, it really does work.

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