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Monday, February 12, 2007

Updated Mileage Totals

Well the neurotic in me is showing. I have gone back and painstakingly tabulated my indoor mileage back to January 1, 2007, so I can accurately track my mileage for 2007, with a goal of reaching 2007 miles for the year (I borrowed that from See Red Run's blog - thought it was a cool idea, although I may have to count my bike miles to make it....). So anyhow, here goes:

January 2007 Miles:
Indoor Bike Miles: 147.52
Indoor Run Miles (treadmill and elliptical): 17.08
Outdoor Run miles: 16.73
Total Run Miles: 33.81

February 2007 Miles: (as of 2/11/07)
Indoor Bike Miles: 55.36
Indoor Run Miles (treadmill and elliptical): 23.31
Outdoor Run Miles: 0
Total Run Miles: 23.31

2007 Cumulative Total Bike: 202.88
2007Cumulative Total Run:57.12

Lifetime miles (recorded):
Indoor Bike: 216.0
Outdoor Bike: 393.28
Total Bike miles: 609.28
Indoor Run: 40.39
Outdoor Run: 141.55
Total Run Miles: 181.94

I love data. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hola, mi amor - very impressive totals. Happy Valentine"s Day. Mamacita

GeekGirl said...

Nice training! Do you use They tabulate AND do great graphs (I've a data fetish myself - one of the reasons for my nickname)

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