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Friday, June 22, 2007

Bring on the SCHWAG

This afternoon, we took our trip to Fleet Feet Madison to pick up our race packets for Saturday. Here is what came in the bag:

A nice covered pedometer

A water bottle

A Brooks technical race Tee shirt

A book written by local Wisconsin triathlete Dan Madson "Swim-Bike-Run-Laugh" (a funny looka thte Ironman expereience)

a rubber bracelet for Diabetes

miscelaneous pamphlets, flyer, coupons

I love new stuff.


Anonymous said...

Nice shirt for your collection. Do you guys have enough for a quilt yet? Jeff is out testing his garmin on "Maddie"(the madone) this morning :)

Pat said...

I can't believe the schwag you get. Besides t-shirts, the only neat thing I've gotten is my water bottle (and it's just a plastic one). Oh yeah, I got a bag of processed chicken at the Bumble Bee Big Balloon 5k in San Diego.

Are you making a quilt out of your tees? My wife, Amy is going to make one for me.


Bigun said...

didn't know you were racing this weekend - best of luck and race hard!

J-Wim said...

I am still wearing most of my tees. Because of all the race fees, I have had to resort to using the race tees to supplement my wardrobe so I can afford to feed my exercise addiction. Besides they look really nice with a skirt and heels at work......

Dan Seifring said...

That is a great race packet. You got to love getting tech shirts and not the cotton ones (at least I do). Waiting for the race report.

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