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Friday, June 22, 2007

Catching Up with Jenny

Hello Y'all. I have been MIA for a few days I guess. Honestly, I am working hard to adapt to a new twist on my work schedule and getting a ton of work done for school, with lots of written work due in the past week and in the upcoming weeks. I will be so glad when I get to the end of July and I am done for a while!

Monday, we were set for another attempt at breaking something important (also known as the Club mt bike beginners ride), but unfortunately it was not in the cards due to rain. Tuesday we did another Tri-out with the SWAT group. First we went to the pool where I really didn't swim, but rather spotted Mike for towing drills using the Total Immersion Swim techniques. Let's just call that successful because he did not pout and did not get mad at me or stomp out of the pool. Truly it went well - we still have some work to go before we can call him comfortable. Afterwards we did a group road bike ride. I led the group out on one of my usual routes, but the group struggled a little with equipment failures and other obstacles like a fall going over railroad tracks, etc. The route has a lot of turns on it so there was also a lot of waiting at corners to make sure we didn't drop anyone. It was fun, but a slow ride. When we were done with that, we took a run along the rock river trailway path and returned to Rockport Park for a quick snack and some good conversation. Man, everyone (except me) in that group has got some wheels on the run. I felt like a snail. Of course there were also a couple killer hills on the return part up Rockport Road from the trail and I whined a bit about having to run after biking, but I got over it ...... when we stopped. They have been a fun group so far. They are loud and rowdy and just generally make the workouts feel fun.

Last night, Mike and I took a nice long run, about 8.5 miles to Riverside Park and back. The first couple miles felt like a struggle even though it was all downhill, then I finally got into my groove and felt like we were going really quick and steady. I found that funny because we were going uphill and into the rain. Go figure.

Today I did some clinical hours at Haven House Hospice Residence, which was an interesting experience.

Tonight, we are headed to Madison to pick up our Schwag Bags for the Rock N Roll Rookie Run (inaugural event) which is presented by a friend from high school who works at JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). Sounds like it will be a good time tomorrow. We are signed up for the 10K, so probably everyone in the race will smoke me but really I don't care. It seems like the 10K is the break between the seriously fast runners and the casual slogger. In the 5Ks I am comfortably in the middle of the pack, but the 10s are a different story - I keep looking back to see if the car that follows the last racer is creeping along on my heels or if there is perhaps another slower slogger somewhere behind me.

Tomorrow: the Rock and Roll Rookie Run 10K, followed by a bike trip around Madison.

Monday: MTB beginners group ride

Tuesday: SWAT Practice

Wednesday: Twilight Run 5K (Alzheimer's Support Center)

Other days: Miscellaneous workouts, whatever catches my attention for the day.

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