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Sunday, June 3, 2007

An Exercise in Stupidity - another race report

For reasons I cannot really fathom, I signed us up for a 10K today, the day after the hardest race ever. Why did I do it? Well it was cheap ($10 for me, $15 for Mike), it was through my work so we got a special tee, and it was local. It was called the Finish Line 10K for the American Cancer Society, and there was also a 5K and a fun walk.
There were maybe 15 people that did the 10K. Most everyone was out of sight ahead of me the whole way. We ran from Traxler Park over the bridge on Centerway, behind the hospital on the Kiwanis Trail into Riverside Park. I was pretty much dead tired by then. I ended up shortcutting a quarter mile off the park, kind of by accident. What did it matter? There were 3 girls behind me but it didn't cut them off at all and it didn't move me farther up in the pack. There was a HUGE hill through Riverside Park I had never done before, pretty much don't plan to ever run it again - it sucked big butt (and I cannot lie....) and I was sucking wind hard at that point so I walked up it, bitching the whole way.
As I ran out of the park and down Memorial Bridge back to Traxler, there was not another runner in sight. I crossed the finish line at 1:10.11. Whoopi-de-doo. I'm done. There were 3 girls behind me, way behind, like walking that finished about 10 minutes after me, so not DFL at least.
Now it's time for homework and rest. Lots of both.
Memo to self: back to back racing - not such a great plan, ya big dummy.


Myles said...

Great Du yesterday and what’s up with the 10 the next day? Well, I bet given the chance I would have done it too.

Dan Seifring said...

Hey Jenn I am giving you and Mike the day off tomorrow.

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