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Monday, June 4, 2007

Evansville Pictures from my sister

On your left is me, fully experiencing bike/run ick. Notice the length of my stride? That's because my legs DO NOT want to move.

On the right, I am hollering "I'm not last!!!!" Apparently, my sister took a butt shot of me too. Awesome.

Here is Mike and I at the awards ceremony. I have just collected my 3rd place age grouper award. Notice my smile? That's because the race is over. Notice how thrilled M-Dot is for me? I believe his exact words were "Great. Now can we go home? Let's go. Now. Let's go."


Myles said...

Way to go!

bigmike600 said...

What was the tv show from the 70's?
Oh yes it was WONDER WOMAN....

Anonymous said...

sorry bout the butt shot:( I just thought it was funny that you were yelling I'm not last!


J-Wim said...

It's really OK, I am glad you were there and it's super funny you can tell I was yelling it back at you!

Duane said...

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