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Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Sweet 16 L.Dub!!!

16 years ago today Lucas joined our family and life has never been the same. Through the years, he has brought us a lot of joy and laughter. He has bled us dry of money for new clothes and high tops to match every outfit, miles and miles of driving to practice, games, movies, and ...... yeah lets not even get into the groceries thing. I wouldn't trade one single minute!
I hope your day has been great and wish you many, many, many more happy birthdays. Wish Beefcake a happy birthday!

Now I have to go and find my lucky license plate socks for his Drivers test tomorrow......


Dan Seifring said...

Happy 16th Lucas. Enjoy your day. And happy birthday to Mom, since you did all the work that day.

tayjizzy said...

" I am cornholio! he he" I love that picture. Happy Bday lucas I'll bring your card and giftcard over this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! Happy Birthday to Lucas!!

Our boys sound pretty similar ;)

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