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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Keeney Girls Do Danskin 08

Saturday morning we were fresh and ready to take off for our weekend in Kenosha for the Danskin Sprint Tri.
(Michele, Tracy, Jacob, and Jenny).

We arrived at the Expo Center to register and rack our bikes. Michele quickly lost interest in mike snapping her picture every 5 seconds and found ways to entertain herself.

My mom and Isabel patiently waiting for the fun to start.

Jeff and Mike entertained each other at the expoby taking pictures of Jeff's Prefontaine mustache.

After a quick night in the hotel we were off bright and early to get to transition to set up. Here we are getting ready to pick up the shuttle bus.

This year's Christmas card picture.

Tracy bought a razor Saturday night but we aren't sure what she used it for.

Proof positive I can't ever seem to shut my big mouth, even while trying to stuff my big butt into a wetsuit.

Screwing around waiting for the start of our waves.

I am one of the yellow caps busting the through the pink wave before us. Which one am I? Couldn't tell you. Probably the one who looks the fastest if I had to choose....

Thumbs up to Mike on the bike, coming in hot on Hubba Bubba.

Tracy going out in the bike.

Jwim smiling because the run is almost over!

Tracy (red hat) about to cross the finish at her first tri! WOOO HOOO!

I really don't have a lot to say about Danskin. My intention there was to get a practice run at transitions, especially with a wetsuit. That went pretty well. Things I needed the reminder for:
- lay out everything on the transition mat. I forgot to lay out my glasses for the bike and spent a ton of time digging through my bag for them, easily 2 minutes off my T1 time.
- unbuckle the bike shoes, untie the run shoes. Duh. I never seem to think about this. I hate standing there untying double knots and fighting with the bike buckles.
-turn on the garmin and set it up before the race starts. trying to switch to "bike" when you remember 2 miles into the bike kinda sucks.
- body glide the neck to prevent the wetsuit hickey. Ow.
-arrange a meeting spot beforehand so everyone can find each other. (Or if someone if standing 10 feet away from you, tap them on the shoulder and make sure they know you are there, since I didn't see anyone and others apparently knew where I was, at least until I took off to find them.... )

Time was OK, but that wasn't really my focus. Got in an open water swim with a group and I held my own. Got some practice with sighting the landmarks, which was harder than I anticipated. I think the swim would have been faster if I could have swam straighter instead of wandering form right to left to middle to left to middle to right. Could use some practice yet.

Both my sisters completed their first tri, which is huge. They did great and I hope they had fun. Big high fives to Michele and Tracy. YOU ARE ROCK STARS!

Mike got some great pictures of Tracy during the race. I wish I had more pictures of Michele from the actual race. It was hard to pick her out of the crowd since it seemed everyone there had the same outfit on as she did. I didn't even get to see her finish even though I was right there specifically waiting for her. Somehow I missed it and I am mad at myself for that.


tayjizzy said...

You couldn't see me cuz i was runnin so fast! I couldn't tap you on the shoulder cuz you never came out of the finish area and I couldn't get back in to tell ya. I yelled for you but with 4000 people yelling I guess you couldn't hear.

Megan said...

What a great post! You all look so happy and excited! I love this race and have find memories, as it was my first tri ever, and I too did it with my sisters.

Great pictures!

TAK said...

I can't beleive you put the arm pit hair picture up!! What the FRENCH, TOAST! :)

Anonymous said...

That's so cool you and your sisters did this together! I try to encourage my sis to get into it, but she thinks I'm crazy.

I get the wetsuit hickey's, too, and always forget to unbuckle my bike shoes for T1.

Awesome pictures!!

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