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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

19 Things I Like About You

1- You buy me Monsters. By the case.

2- You love to shop as much as I do. Except when we are bra and underpants shopping with your mom, then you get a TEENSY WEENSY bit impatient with the process.

3- You get genuinely excited about helping/watching/teaching your kids.

4- You are brimming with enthusiasm most of the time, almost to the point of driving me crazy sometimes..... (See #1)

5- you make me laugh. There are at least 2 weddings where you had me laughing so hard I couldn't get control of myself, including the one where the pastor looked like Mr Magoo. I think I snorted out loud. Several times.

6- You clean things. At least you clean things more often than I do.

7- You are a good cook, which is good since I am so not.

8- you know how to have fun, and how to get me involved since I sometimes don't.

9- Tech support. It's good to have an IT guy around, even if you give the heavy sigh when I am not doing things fast enough.

10- you dream big. And expensive.

11- You invent cool new phrases like "Git R Dun."

12- You understand my shoe fetish. A girl can never have enough.

13- You made an actual training plan. Not that you follow it mind you but you finally HAVE one.

14- You put up with explaining everything in football to me over and over again. And you always help me keep track of Lucas on the field.

15- Did I mention you buy me Monsters?? Big cans??

16- You put up with my grouchy mornings and crabbiness, without really pointing out what a rag I am being.

17- You are a great dad. and uncle.

18- You have great taste in women.

19- You are good to your mother and your family.

Love you MDot-i-mus. Here's to celebrating next year's anniversary toeing the line at IMMoo!


bigmike600 said...

I love you too. I didn't know the 20 year anniversary gift was IRON but maybe we are starting a trend.

Here's to making you spit pop out your nose (or gatorade from the special water bottle like Michele) sometime in the next year.

M. Wimmer

Anonymous said...

Aaawwwhhh!! That was nice :-)

I am so with ya on #14 - am always have to ask Jeff if Ryan or Randy blocked well or did his job on every single play!! When I only watch my son, I miss the whole rest of the game!!

Happy Anniversary :D

Brigitte said...

Soooo cute.
Happy Anniversary.

Duane said...


Dan Seifring said...

Very Nice. Happy Anniversary!!!!

NursAdrn said...

Very cool. Happy Anniversary!

Steve Stenzel said...

Cute!! Happy Anniversary! I think you and Mike are a little like Pharmie and I with regards to #8...

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