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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Triathlon Christmas

Well, in my world it feels like Christmas......... It's IMMoo time again.
Going to this race last year was hands down one of the most fun and motivational days of my life. I felt like I swam, biked, and ran every mile right along with everyone we knew....... How are they doing on the swim? Look there's Bolder, there's Roman, everyone is out of the water........ then it was off to Cross Plains to watch for bikers.....Oh good there's Kitty, where is everyone, I hope they're all OK....... Oh look TriDummy's coming in for the finish....And Roman......and Darin..... By the end of the day, my fingers were raw and bloody from ringing my cowbell, I was sunburned, and hot, and elated, and worried, and tired, and excited, andeverything else all at the same time. I tell ya, it was exhausting! If I had $500 in my pocket that day, I would have probably signed right up for 08, I had the fever that bad.

Once again, I am glued to the pre-race coverage, checking the website, jotting down bib numbers, and looking forward to getting caught up in IM fever at Monona Terrace.

And this year, I know in advance where the fever is going to land me........ and that's right at the front of the line to race it myself in 2009.

And then I will spend the next 52 weeks wondering why in the hell I thought I had any business signing up.
Tonight we started making up some signs to hold up on the course. Here's my favorite - a special request from the woman herself:Good luck to everyone this weekend! If you see any of our SWATtie buddies out there give them a hoot and a holler!

Darin Rutherford -#1048
Alison Viemeister - #2282
Kitty Cole- #2439
Mike Wolfgram - #146
Jeff Hahn - #1715
CJ Hartman - #2431
Brian Morgan - #1771
Johnny Brown - #697
Jimmy Brown - #1118
Ric Meister - #1332

It has been a pleasure to know and train with them all and NO ONE WILL BE YELLING OR RINGING A BELL FOR THEM LOUDER THAN US!

And the award for the most interesting name I came across on the list is David Klumpp #1234 which is coincidentally the same name as my uncle David who lives in Washington. It's not my uncle who's racing, but I just gotta check this guy out and cheer for him anyhow!

Who did I miss? We need bib numbers for our creepy internet friends too, so feel free to leave your bib number for us!


NursAdrn said...

OMG, you summed it up PERFECTLY. I woke up this morning thinking it is like waiting to go to the fair when I was a kid. Christmas is exactly right. We are headed to work registration, can't wait to get there.

Jenny Davidson said...

Have a great day, and I will be very much looking forward to hearing about your training and racing in 2009!

Jeff said...

Wow, it'll be a great weekend, for sure.

Good luck keeping those butterflies in check when you're in line to sign up!

kt said...

Oh my gosh. That is soooo exciting. Have a great time.

cindy said...

Merry Christmas, good luck, and have a blast!!

Iron "GeekGirl" Misty said...

I am INSANELY JEALOUS of that sign. Some day, I want a big sign that says, "Knockers Up, Misty!"

Rural Girl said...

OMG, I love that sign!

IM Wisconsin in 2009. Congratulations to you! The first and most important step is the sign-up and it all falls into place thereafter.

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