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Sunday, September 14, 2008

As if anyone cares....

J Lo completed her "grueling" Malibu Sprint Triathlon, ranking a solid last place in her division, and ranking near the end of the comparable age group rankings.

Results are HERE

I am feeling smugly superior now.


Jeff said...

That's awesome. You go on feeling superior. . . becasue you are.

I just want to know who the hell all these people are who call themselves celebrities. What's the criteria? I want to know! Guess I need to cross check against a recent People Magazine.

cindy said...

too funny!

Robin said...

Oh, yeah!! Always a good feeling to know that your "boo-tay" could kick J-Lo's "boo-tay" in a sprint tri!

tayjizzy said...

J Lo is no match for JWIM!

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