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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Feeling fat, and not with a PH

Iron weekend has come and gone. For the week before IMWI and the week following IMWI, I have done pretty much nothing. i think I got in 1 swim and a one hour-ish run, then pretty much nothing too taxing. Plus, I have been on the see-food diet for the past week while I was off work to use some vacation days up. I think I ate one of everything, sometimes two.

Now we are sitting on the sofa, kicking back as it has rained for like 3 solid days, and trying to work on a training plan for the next 52 weeks.

I am also working on a plan to lose the last 25 pounds AGAIN that I have let creep back on in the past year. I am feeling FAT but not in a good way. Capital F as in "F'ing Fat"...... fat with an F, not PHAT.
Tried the Wii Fit this week. Man is that fun! But my abs hurt from the balance activities so bad the next day that it hurt to breathe, let alone move. I obviously need a little more core work than I've been getting lately.


Jeff said...

What? No comic relief whatsoever, what's up with that?

Hey, J-Wim, you did it before, you know what you've got to do. Get back on the wagon and get ready for IMWI!

kt said...

Wii Fit! I love Wii-Fit. I use it with my kids in physical therapy and it is a really sweet tool. Get going! IMoo is coming your way!

S. Baboo said...

Yeah, I'm packing weight back on too. With all the ultra-distance racing you would think I'd be fine but no all I do is race and recover which means I am never able to just get into a calorie buring routine.

tayjizzy said...

The Wildes are coming over this weekend to try the Wii prepared!

Anonymous said...

Oh, me too! Just looking at pics from my race this weekend, I now feel like a freakin' giant up to everyone else. Good lord! And I've been working my butt off - well apparently not - guess I need to eat twigs and berries :(

Jenny Davidson said...

It is difficult, though, isn't it? I feel unfailingly positive about the exercise half of the equation, but really careful eating for weight loss or lowest-possible-weight maintenance actually strikes me (in my case, anyway!) as sort of unacceptable as a permanent solution - it is fine for a fixed period of time - but I get too obsessive about things anyway, and it is actually (this will sound like rationalization, though!) better for me to weigh 10 pounds more and NOT make myself crazily anxious about eating restaurant meals, sweets, etc. I don't know - you know best what weight you feel good at - but don't go crazy with it, either!

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